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Any risk from trip to hair salon?
Hello Doctors.

I have one quick question, and I know it sounds silly, but I need an expert's opinion.  
This past weekend I went to the hair salon to get my hair highlighted and the lady did the highlights the old fashioned way by pulling the hair through a cap with a little crochet hook-looking thing.  My concern is, if the hook had managed to scrape the scalp of another person and caused them to bleed and then she used it on me later in the day, would there be any risk involved?  I just want to be sure so that I can relax.  I have been so stressed over it that my eyelids have been twitching when I think of it.  Please forgive me for seeming so uneducated and silly, but I just want to be 100% sure there was no risk involved.  Also, the customer before me was being rinsed when I got there, and I waited 5-10 minutes before she called me back.  Please advise when you can.  Thanks much.
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Stop worrying.  There has never been a report of HIV transmission in the way that you describe or in any way similar to that.  HIV is not transmitted by inanimate objects with the possible exception of used, hollow needles.  Even if your stylist had inadvertently scraped someones head (and that is unlikely - she wouldn't have many customers would she), it would not have represented a risk to you.

Nothing to worry about, no concerns, no need for testing.  Have a good day.  EWH
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