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Combo test
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Combo test

Hi doctor
Sorry for my English , I'm 32 male , I was in Thailand three months ago . I took a massage girl to the hotel and had unprotected oral receving and and every thing els protected with a condom.

After three days I took another girl from the street and had the same thing.

Day 5 from the first expous my symptoms started with fever and sweating night for three days only
And from day 11 I had all kind of symptoms such as sore throat , joinpain , sywollen lymph under my ear , swollen armpit as well.

Anyways i had a combo test after 33 days from the first Time and 30 days after the scond time

The result was negative .

1. The most important question for me that I had a scissors cut on my testicles one day and 8 hours before the first sex and she was very very wet and I'm sure her wet come into my end of penis and testicles

2. Is my fourth generation combo test conclusive  after 30 days

3. Do I have to be worried now after three months and should retest , because I still have pain on my left and right armpit and under my right ear.

4. Since two weeks I have a thrush on my all mouth do I have to be worry

5 I had test for STDs and come with negative

6. Is there a chance that my negative result would Chang after 3 months

7 can i have unprotected sex with my wife

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Welcome to the forum.

The important information in your question -- everything needed for an accurate reply -- is in the title you chose ("Combo test") and the timing of your test (30 and 33 days after the two exposures).

The combo test is considered 100% reliable any time more than 4 weeks after the last possible exposure to HIV.  And as we have said many, many times on this forum, test results (done sufficiently long after exposure) overrule everything else:  the nature of the exposure, symptoms, whether or not a partner is known to have HIV, etc.

In fact, your exposures were essentially zero risk anyway, since oral to penile sex is exceedingly rare, with no proved cases.  Contact of genital secretions with a superficial cut on the scrotum is also extremely low risk, probably zero.  As for your symptoms, if you haven't been professionally examined, I don't accept your self diagnosis of "thrush" -- which is not the same as just having a coated tongue or other white stuff in the mouth or throat.  Your other symptoms are not typical for a new HIV infection.

But it wouldn't matter if you had a very high risk exposure, or if your symptoms were typical.  The test result rules.  Assuming no other risky exposure, there is no chance a later test will be positive, and you can safely continue unprotected sex with your wife.

I think those comments answer all your specific questions. Take care.

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Hi doctor

Thanks for replying which make me calm  but

I think I'm still worried about my thrush which is in my mouth

Do you think that I had a high risk or low risk because of the cut which I mentioned ?

Have you ever seen or heard a change result after the 30 days combo test ?

I went to the hospital for the thush and the doctor gave me a
" MYCOSAt - Nystatin oral suspension " for 5 days but nathing gone and I still have it. Do you think that it's for ARS .

Should I be confident with my 30 days negative or I have to repeat it ?

Because some say that everyone should repeat the hiv test after 3 months and then after 6 months.

Thank you
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You're just asking the same questions as above, in different words.  As I said above, "test results (done sufficiently long after exposure) overrule everything else:  the nature of the exposure, symptoms, whether or not a partner is known to have HIV, etc."  My opinion and advice are unchanged.

See your doctor about your continuing oral symptoms.  They have nothing to do with the sexual exposure you described. And thrush occurs commonly in people without HIV and with normal immune systems.  I had it myself once.

Do your best to move on without worry.  You don't need any more testing; see the thread linked below. But of course you are free to be tested again if it would make you feel better to have some additional negative results.
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Hi doctor , i have a last question please

I know I'm selly but just to relax

I had a hiv 1 and 2 Antibody test at week  16

And my result was ( NON REACTIVE 0.137 )

I know as you told my my test was conclusive but my question is why it's 0.137
What I know it has to be only to numbers because the Refernce Range says

Negative : = 1.00

My resulte is non reactive 0.137

I'm I negative ?
Why it's 137 which is three numbers and not to like any one els

Please this my last question so I can relaxe please
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I ment that that the reference range is
Negative =1.00

Mine is 0.137 non reactive
I'm I negative

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The answers are obvious from my previous replies and I'm not going to repeat myself.  Move on.
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