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Do I have an HIV risk?
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Do I have an HIV risk?

On Sep 22, 2012 near midnight, me and a few of my friends were partying in vegas and decided to go to a strip club, I got dragged into one. But of course, I had a little bit of alcohol so I was slightly buzzed, but I never got drunk. (1-2 drinks)

While we were at the strip club, 2 of the strippers started dancing on me and ended up taking me to some corner on the second floor and started to kiss on my cheeks like crazy. Eventually they started putting their fingers in my mouth multiple times, Yes I know gross... I really regret letting them do that or even going.

Eventually, one of the stripper told me that they put her finger in her vagina and then into my mouth a few seconds later, only one time I believe. I do not know if I believe her or not.

Now my question to you is:

1.What are my chances/risk of getting infected with HIV under these circumstances and what if I had bad gums at that time, but they were not bleeding? No sex, For example, if I were to floss them and they would start to bleed a little, would that be considered at risk? During the event, my gums were not bleeding.

2. At the time, I may have had a new sore throat or inflammed coming along. Would that increase my chances of becoming infected or increasing my risk? if so, how much?

3. If I was at not at risk for HIV, what other stds should I be concerned about?

Symtoms (symptoms): Entire body started to itch, lots of acne under chin.
Tired, Diarrhea for the next 3 months. Upset stomach, low grade fever of 99.5F.
Muscle ache all over body, constant sore/pain on neck and underarm.
Weird rash on right side of neck, red non itchy. Small diff rash like pimples in front of chest. Also non-itchy.
Constant feelings of upcoming headache everyday, sore throat is on and off every few weeks and feels like its about to get full blown but prevented with drinking of lots of water.

Sinus headache? Diaherria from irritable bowel syndrome from stress?
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Welcome to the Forum.  The events you describe were no risk at all.  For starters, it is quite unlikely that the dancers you were with had HIV or other STDs- most exotic dancers do not. Even if they did, the event was still not risk. STDs, including HIV are not transferred from person to person through the transfer of genital secretions on a person's hands to another person in any way.  Furthermore, even in persons whose mouths are  genitally exposed, oral infections are rare as the oral cavity is quite resistant to infection.  Whether your dental health was good or not, whether or not you had a sore throat or oral sores, and whether or not you had gum disease still makes no difference- no risk whatsoever.  No need for testing either.

As for your symptoms, anxiety or some other process may be a contributor but be confident that neither HIV nor STDs are part of the origin of this. EWH
Thank you, thank you doctor for the very detailed and quick reply.
I am quite relieved that you believe that I was not at risk.

Just to clarify, when you say no risk, you mean 0% risk in this situation correct? Because the hiv (and stds) virus will die off immediately when exposed to air when placed on the hand. Even if exposed mutiple times from gential (genital) secretions on the hand including kissing. Direct pentration Sex, sharing needles and direct blood contact is the only way to hiv.

I apperciate your professional opinion, ever since your post, I have been significantly less stress about my event.
No need to repeat myself.   You can read my reply above,.  EWH
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