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I am from Malaysia Kuala Lumpur i met a shemale at a shop and she offered her self for sex with me i had protected anal sex and had UNPROTECTED oral sex( giving) with a transexual (Shemale) and she ejaculated inside my mouth and i swallowed her cumm, now i know in your previous test you regard oral sex as very low risk. but my CONCERN is at exactly a week before my encounter  exactly 7 days to be precise i went to the dentist and i had my tooth removed(incisors) no stiches involved. but to tell you the fact i asked the nurse about my healing process she said it takes 3-4 days. on the day i am sure i was not bleeding but i could still feel the wound on my mouth and the feeling that the wound has not fully healed but it was not bleeding.
1. how likely is it that i can contract hiv from this encounter?
2. do you think due to the hole created after the the minor surgery could lead to the virus entering the body as a result to HIV transmission?

then i kept on researching the internet and i got scared and decided
to have a hiv test as follows
1. HIV I/2 Ag/Ab combi that detects HIV-1 p24 antigen, antibodies(IgG/igM) to HIV-1(including group o) and HIV 2 in human serum and plasma. 8 WEEKS NON-REACTIVE                  HSV-1 REACTIVE  HSV-2 NON-REACTIVE
I had another test exactly the same at 17-2 WEEKS  NON- REACTIVE
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Welcome to the forum.

The most important information in your question is at the end:  your test results prove you did not catch HIV.  The risk was low, even with the dental procedures a week previously -- but even if had been a very high risk, your tests prove you didn't catch HIV.  So there is no need for further worry about it.  It is pointless to worry about how high the risk might have been when it has been proved you weren't infected, so I'm not going to speculate about that part.

I hope this has helped.  Best wishes--  HHH, MD
on the 17th WEEK after these tests i had an encounter (Not sex) a girl i do not know an African collapsed on the road and fell so i decided to help and carry her with my hands while carrying her, i bruised my finger there was a little blood on my finger i am not sure if she was bleeding and took her to the taxi. my concern is,
1. is it possible to acquire or transmit HIV from this incidence?
2. my finger did contact her skin i am not sure if she had a bleeding wound or not that could spread hiv transmission since most health hazards contract hiv from this way. do i need ANOTHER hiv test again?
Pls help me explain so that i can use your explanation to justify my emotions if not i will always keep worrying myself about "what ifs" that will make me go online find something even worse and the cycle keeps on happening. please doctor with you expertise and knowledge help me explain that i dont have HIV let me ease my mind i am always paranoid about HIV since my first encounter i really need your help!!!.

Question 2
Please doctor, DR Handsfield/DR Hook i have read numerous type of information regarding window period, people like you say 8 weeks is enough, some say only 3 months is conclusive, some say 6 months is only conclusive and the one THAT PISSES ME OFF more than  1 year??? is this ever possible?  i know it is possible that someone using PEP it could be delayed more than 3 months, but heck more than 1 year?? it makes me lose confidence thinking about it making have this anxiety that there is a slight possibility i could still get HIV from my encounters i know i havent taken PEP i  dont have cancer and i am not terminally ill i am just an ordinary person healthy if you will, but was prematured at birth on 7 months. developed asthma at a young age but now i dont think i have asthma.
1. is it possible for HIV To subconvert beyond 6 months?? perhaps more than a year?
2. should i be worried and get tested since these claims are made because i am really scared when i think that the possibility exists even tough its very rare ( INTERNET) had inflamed my anxiety to this issue.

Thank you doctors please help me explain so that i can have ease of mind !!!
1) Although contact with blood of an accident victim is commonly cited as a potential risk for HIV, there are few if any reports that it actually ever happened.  In this case, even if the accident victim had HIV -- which is statistically unlikely -- there is no risk if her blood did not come into contact with a fresh, bleeding wound on your own skin.

2) Getting pissed at the discrepancies in information about HIV testing window is irrational.  You won't find much discrepancy if you stick to scientific, professionally influenced websites.  To the extent that legimitate experts disagree on advice to their patients, there are pretty good reasons for it; see the thread linked below, as well as the other thread linked in that one.  In any case, with the modern HIV antibody tests, it virtually never takes more than 8 weeks to seroconvert.

That ends this thread. I won't have any further comments or advice.
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