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HIV exposure risk and P24 Antigen and DNA PCR at 16 days
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HIV exposure risk and P24 Antigen and DNA PCR at 16 days

Hi Doc ,

I had a protected vaginal sex but unprotected insertive fellatio on 3rd March 2013 with a call girl in a message parlour . Also sucked her nipples intermittenly .  

Went for P24 antigen duo test and DNA PCR test on 11th March 2013 and 19th March 2013 and all 4 tests turned out to be negative.

Q1 . Please let me know the risk of getting hiv taking into consideration my exposure
Q2 . Wether the tests are conclusive of my negative status.
Q3. Do i need to take any more tests. If yes at what time frame and which test
Welcome to the forum.  By chance, your question is similar to the one immediately before yours, which I answered just a minute ago.  Take a look:

This was a zero risk exposure in regard to HIV.  Condoms work in vaginal sex, and unprotected oral sex carries little or no risk for HIV (see the other thread).  Oral-nipple contact carries no risk at all.

To your specific questions:

1) This was a risk free exposure.

2,3) The negative PCR tests are aroune 90% reliable evidence you weren't infected.  The other tests were done too soon.  For 100% definitive results, you'll need another test at 4 weeks or more after the exposure.  It can be a stand-alone antibody test:  the combination of negative PCR (or p24 antigen, in the duo test) at 8-15 days plus negative antibody at 4 weeks is definitive.

I hope this has helped.  Best wishes--  HHH, MD
Thanx Doc for your kind reply . I cherished to have valuable input from you .

q1)I have refrained from having any kind of sex with my wife since exposure . Can i continue my normal life and have unprotected sex with my wife since u have mentioned the activity was risk free or shud take the antibody test at 4 week mark before indulging in any sexual activity with my wife

I have had lot of stress , guilt , fear and i some how kept my performance level in my work life as i have a aspiring career and at any cost i would not want to go that for a toss .
This was my 1st time i got indulged in any extramarital sexual activity and i dont no how that happened . I swear to god that i will not get into such pissed out activities

q2)Taking your advise as the activity was entirely risk free , may i go on without any anxiety and stress in my work and home life

Your comments are really comforting . As advised by you , as already i have crossed 4 week mark , will go for the antibody test and inform

Q3) But as mentioned by you as the activity was risk , can i conclude that i am not infected  
1) Of course I cannot guarantee you are not infected.  But if I were in your situation, I would not be tested at all and I would continue unprotected sex with my wife without worry.

2 and 3) Yes -- you can conclude you are not infected and can can stop worrying about it.
Dear Sir , As advised , today ie on the 33rd day of exposure i have taken an HIV Antibody 1 & 2 and P24 ANTIGEN DUO Test and the results are negetive

So Now taking the statistics as follows :

3rd March 2013 - Exposure
11th March 2013 : p24 Antigen and HIV 1 and 2 Duo test - Negative
11th March 2013 : DNA PCR Test - Negative
20th March 2013 : p24 Antigen and HIV 1 and 2 Duo test - Negative
20th March 2013 : DNA PCR Test - Negative ( Gave blood on 20th but tested on 21st)
6th April 2013 : p24 Antigen and HIV 1 and 2 Duo test - Negative

q1) Based on the above reports ' May i consider myself as clean ( as u have stated in your earlier revert) and can u now guarantee i am clean  - as this was my single extramarital sexual activiy or for a gurantee that i an resk free from your side i need to get tested at 84 days

q2) As i am bit skeptical ( sorry for the same as u have mentioned the exposure was risk free and given go ahead to unprotected sed with spouse ) and concerns my beloved , may i go ahead with normal life without a test at 84 days ( 3 months cutoff )  

Thanking u in advance for your kind reply . Looking forward for your convincing reply

This information does not change my opinion or advice.

"Based on the above reports ' May i consider myself as clean?"  YES!  You don't need any more testing and can safely have unprotected sex with your wife.

That's all I will have to say.  If you continue to worry, I would suggest you re-read my comments above -- and if you continue to obsess about it, consider counseling.  The real problem here appears to be guilt and shame over a sexual choice you regret.  Deal with that aspect as you need to, but don't continue to mix it up with HIV risk.  They aren't the same.

This thread is now over.  I'll delete any further comments.

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