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HIV in low pH and temperature
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HIV in low pH and temperature

Hi Doctor,
I am wondering if HIV can live in Coca cola with ice.
Yesterday, I went to McDonalds to have a cup of coca cola.
I drank almost all of it without discovering anything strange.
But when I drank the last few portion of the coca cola, I feel that its taste is blended with blood.
I suspect that there may be blood inside the Coca cola, but as blood does not cott in Coca cola which contains citric acid which makes it invisible, I am not sure about that. Or it maybe my bleeding gum that gives the taste.
But assuming that the Coca cola was actually mixed with some blood and the blood contains HIV, can the HIV survive, I mean remaining infectious, in Coca cola with pH of around 2.7 and ices are inside.
Thank you doctor!
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The idea that your coke would be contaminated with blood is preposterous and not a reason for you to worry.  I will answer your theoretical question however.

No, HIV would not survive in coke. The acidic pH would very quickly kill the virus making the risk of transmission very low.  Even if the pH were more neutral, the risk would still be vanishingly rare for the same reasons that oral sex is relatively low risk (see elsewhere on the site for the reason, it is repeated almost daily in other posts).

Thank you Doctor for your quick reply!
Just a few more questions following up...
1) How quick would that be for the virus to be killed  in such a pH?
2) In the case of oral sex, the medium would be saliva. Would that make any diffence as in my case the medium may be blood?
Thank you very much!
You are overworking this and getting too far into the realm or "what ifs" for there to be sceintifically precise answers.  Calm down.  As for your questions:

1.  The effect would be almost immediate
2.  This is what I was talking about.  Don't allow yourself to get caught up in a blizzard of "what ifs".  It is not productive.  Please take my answer for what I've said and work to more forward,

No more what if questions please.  EWH
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