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Lap Dance
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Lap Dance

Hello Sir,

First time in my lyf I went to the strip club 3 weeks ago. I was wearing a thin pant with no underwear in it . The dancer put some cloth on my pant and have given me a lap dance. The dancer was also wearing a G string. She rubbed her genital on my dick (which was under a thin pant and thin cloth for like 5 to 6 min).  In the dance i pressed her breast only. She hugged me many times.  During the dance i ejaculate because of that my pant became wet.Many time she put her genital almost near to my face but i never kissed or touched that.

After 2 weeks-
I got swelling inside  my ears which has last for 2 or 3 days.
I have a lack of energy.
3 to 4 rashes on rashes  on my body which are really small.
Upset stomach
Lost of apetite.
but no fever

Should i would be worried about HIV?
Should i need HIV test?
or should i live my normal lyf as i was living before?

I have a lot of tension due to that. Please advice me asap

Welcome to the fourm.

HIV cannot be sexually transmitted uniess a bare penis (no condom) is inserted inside anther person's vagina or rectum -- or maybe rarely, mouth.  The the presence of clothing, there was absolutely no risk of transmission.  HIV transmission cannot occur unless large amounts of virus are deposited deep inside the body.

Your symptoms do not suggest HIV.  They are the symptoms of at least a hundred minor mendical conditions.

So you don't need testing; should not be worried; and should go on with your life as before.  Of course, ALL people are supposed to be tested for HIV at least once, to check fo infections in people who have had high risk expexosures they don't know or forgot about.  So if you haven't been tested, this would be a good time, when it's on your mind.  But definitely not because of the events you have dscribed here.

Regards--  HHH, MD
Thanks for the response sir

Sir, i was not involved in any type of sexual activity before this...this was the first tym i experienced a girl in strip club. I am a virgin till now.

With these facts..what you say i still need test ..with these symptoms?
You're asking the same question with different words.  On the basis of the exposure and your symptoms, no testing is necessary or recommended. But you are free to do it anyway if you need the reassurance that will come from a negative test result.  It's up to you.
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