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Oral symptoms. Some specific questions
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Oral symptoms. Some specific questions

Dear Doctor,

I know that I am overthinking and my questions could be related to anxyety. But I have some specific questions that I hope they will make me moving on

To sum up:

I had two exposures (unprotected oral and protected oral and vaginal with CSW)

1.- Are my negative DNA PCR at 10 and 8 weeks test and my negative Ab rapid test conclusive at 12 and 10 weeks post exposures?
2.- I have been informed by Dr Felipe Garcia (important doctor and resercher at Hospital Clinic Barcelona) that my geo tongue (red sores and patches on my tongue)  is a symptom of infection (not necessarily HIV). In that case, my tests would be positive since both were done several weeks  after the geo tongue appeared?
3.- My wife has a severe sore throat from 6 days ago (and night sweats). Could be ARS (i have unprotected sex with her 3 days after each exposures)
4.- Would be conclusive RNA combined with a 4th gen test at this time (now)?

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As we have discussed before, you are overthinking this.  Geographic tongue is a non-specific finding and can be causes by a number of processes.  Condom protected sex is safe sex and no one has EVER been shown to acquire HIV from receipt of oral sex.  You are not going to be the first.  Your negative PCR tests, particularly when combined with a negative 4th generation test at any time more than 4 weeks after your exposure is conclusive and PROVES that you did not get HIV from your exposures that you mention.

Your wife's illness may be unrelated to you and any sexual exposures you may have had.

To continue to worry about HIV is a waste of time.  EWH
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Further information for the question 4: Today is 91 and 75 days from my two exposures
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