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Pain in the sides & arms
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Pain in the sides & arms

In May 2009, I had sex with a British lady I met in Europe, the sex was protected. The first session we had lasted about 5 minutes before I ejaculated, when I went to go remove the condom, I noticed a bit of red in the inside tip, the condom looked intact. We had another session which lasted longer.

After about 9 / 10 days, I had a headache then the next day my jaws were sore. The day after that, I felt a sharp pain in my throat, I couldn't swallow the following day so I went to hospital, they did a test and said there was no bacterial infection so they prescribed me some anti-inflammatories & pain-killers. After 3 days, I couldn't take the pain anymore so I went back to the hospital and I think by then, the throat culture they had taken before had 'matured' so they said I had strep G and they prescribed me some antibiotics. I felt no pain after taking about 2 antibiotics, halfway during the 10 day antibiotic course, I started having pain in my neck glands and later on in my armpits as well as throughout the arms. I also had a lot of pain in my wrists and elbows. My tonsils were red and swollen, especially the left one but is not painful, just the feeling of having something stuck in the throat.

I also started to experience pain in my sides, like liver / spleen area, it wasn't too sharp though. Over the Christmas holiday, I was in a warmer country, felt a lot better. When I got back to the sub-zero European temperatures, I started having a bit of pain in my elbows and my sides.

I have been to scared to go for an HIV test I did however go to see the doctor to test for things like EBV, CMV, etc. The results came out ok, but showed a likelihood of a previous CMV infection, the Hep C IgG was positive, not sure if that was due to immunisation but the doc just said to me I was fine. The pain has subsided but I still feel it a bit in my sides & arms, I had a tonsillectomy recently. What is wrong with me? I cannot even sit properly at my desk.
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Welcome to the HIV forum.  I see you have also had some discussions on the HIV community and EBV forums.

To be honest, I have no patience with not getting tested for HIV because of fear of the result.  Getting tested isn't what gives someone HIV; you have it or you don't.  If diagnosed early, you live a long and healthy life.  Every day delayed reduces life expectancy, since research now has proved that the earlier the treatment, the better the outcome.  And research also shows that even when an HIV test is positive, there is relief of anxiety when people get tested.  In other words, he stress you are under from worrying about HIV undoubtedly is greater than what you will feel after testing -- especially if the test is negative and even if it is positive (which is very unlikely).  It's also silly not to be accessing the excellent in-person medical advice available to you, including any of the UK's excellent NHS GUM clinics.  (Collectively, the UK GUM clinics are among the most expert venues for HIV evaluation and advice anywhere in the world.)

I'll say what you have already been told already, that your symptoms do not suggest an HIV infection.  And the exposure you describe was virtually zero risk with respect to HIV.  So my expectation is that an HIV test will be negative.  But I'm not going to speculate about it when a definitive answer is readily available by testing.  As for other potential causes, that's off topic for this forum, which only deals with HIV.  So I have no comment about other possible explanations.

So I'll be happy to comment further if and when you return to report an HIV test result, but I will have nothing more to say until then.  Just do it.

Regards--  HHH, MD
On re-reading your question, perhaps I misunderstood where you are.  If not currently in the UK, you can still seek out expert STD/HIV clinics.  If in the US, your local or state health department is an excellent option.
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