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Please help me on my LOW RISK exposure
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Please help me on my LOW RISK exposure

To: Dr Hook/Handsfield

over a 1.5 months I visited a single strip club for 15-20 times. Most of the time I had shaved cuts on face (not more than 3-4 milimeter across and are couple of hours old). i dint noticed any active bleeding for any of my cuts for any lap dance, but some times i might have scrached the cuts with my nails (not to bleeding) before lap dance, to remove the outer hard shell. in the lap dance, i only kissed and/or rubbed my face over the neck, between/on the breasts, some times on butts and thighs (never did that on her vagina) on the girl.

what scarring me is that, if her vaginal fluids presents on her butts/thigh or on her body surface or traces of bloods, if its infected, come in contact with my shaved cuts when i was rubbing my face on it

apart from this, in the whole dance, she rubbing her vagina with panty, on my hard penis with underwear and thin pant between. after i cummed in my pant, she was still rubbing it for about 5-10 seconds

my queries

1) any risk for hiv/std? like shaved cuts "RUBBED" vaginal fuilds/semen on her butt/thigh?
3) how long these shaved cuts takes time to heal or restrict hiv/std infection
4) what is the chances of infection from her rubbing vagina on my cummed penis across my underwear or thin pant?
5) some times i might have rubbed my eyes from my fingers which touched her butts/thighs where vaginal fluids or semen may exists? what about the infection thro eyes, nose and ears?
6) how long these hiv exists on her body surface as i explained
7) even if i took many lap dances with almost different girls, is there any risk of infection?
8) in my thinking, even if one hiv/std cell enters the body thor blood strem, its causes hiv infection. is it true? or is it required certain amount of fluids (like full 1ml or 2ml) to cause the infection
9) do you recommend me to take a hiv/std test?

waiting for your reply..... thanks for your information
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Welcome to our Forum.  The sorts of exposures you describe certainly did not put you at risk for HIV and the risk for STD is only theoretical.  Please remember that most exotic dancers do not have HIV and that STDs are not transmitted by casual contact.  Even with surface cuts/scrapes on your face, there is no risk for HIV .  Let's work through your questions:

1.  No, surface contamination of the sort you describe is not associated with HIV/STD transmission.
3.  Shaving cuts begin to heal almost immediately after they occur- within seconds, restoring the natural resistance to infection.
4.  STDs and HIV are not transmitted through clothing, even if the clothing is wet and even if the material is very thin.
5.  Rubbing your eyes with hands that  might have genital secretions on them would not put you at risk for HIV or for STDs. These organisms do not survive outside of the body.
6.  HIV dies very, very quickly outside the body.  Precisely how quickly is variable and depends on lots of things like temperature, dryness, etc.  Nonetheless the virus dies very, very quickly and is the reason that transmission with the sort of contacts you describe does not occur.
7.  No, no matter how many.  No risk.
8.  In theory HIV can begin with entrance of just one virus into the body.  
9.  There is no medical reason for you to seek testing of any sort.  If it would give you peace of mind, you could test but that would be the only reason, not because you are at true risk.

I hope these comments help.  you do not need to worry.  EWH
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thanks for your comments.

Can you please explain the Q number 8 (that only one single HIV cell can cause HIV infection).... this is the main reason for my concern :(

The temerature inside the club is very cold (atleast for me), like 65-70 degrees. Is this helps to kills the HIV quickly?

My exposures are from Oct-25 to Dec-6 (3pm). I took HIV DNA PCR on Dec-13 (11am). So there is almost 7 days gap between last exposure and the test

HIV-1 Antibody, Confirmation Western Blot: <1.00, Negative
HIV 1/O/2 Abs, Qual HIV 1/O/2 Abs, Qual: Non-reactive, Negative
HIV-1 DNA by PCR With HIV Antibodies by ICMA: Negative, Negative

Do you recommend further testing for me?
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Can any Doctor help me on my follow up Q. thanks
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Current evience is that in over half of infections transmitted sexually a single virus is the source of infection.  The virus survives very poorly however and that is the reason that transmission oes not occur more often, even with sexual exposure.    

Your tests are strong evidence which support what I have already told you, that the activities you describe did not put you at risk for HIV.  Since you did not need testing to start with, I cannot imagine suggesting that more testing is needed.

That's all I have to say.  EWH
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please help me on my follow up Q.........
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thanks for the information.
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It is not clear what your "last question" is.  This however is my last answer.  

Of course the virus dies more quickly at lower temperatrure.

You do not need further testing

This thread is over.  EWH
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