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Rapid Tests help me..
hi Doctors,

i had an exposure about 2 months ago.  it was a male ts massage.  I attempted to bottom for the first time.  i saw him put on the condom..and it only lasted a few minutes as I asked him to stop since I wasnt comfortable.  it was dark so i dont remember seeing him actually take off the condom after we stopped (i wasnt 100% paying attention).  so my fears got the best of me.  was the condom intact? did he remove during the middle of our act? i know its not likely but i am scared since there is even a 1% chance.  i called him a week later and he said he was clean and he buys his own condoms,lubes and everything to be safe.  of course i cannot 100% trust a stranger...

i took the rapid tests at a local clinic. I think it was the clearview 1/2 rapid test.  they stick you finger and take a drop of blood and then tell you to wait 15 min.
i took it at the 4 week, 6 and 9 week mark..  all came out negative.

i read through all the posts here by Dr. Hoot and Hansfield and i had a few questions:
1. when you mention the antibody test is conclusive at 6 or 8 weeks, are you referring to the anitbody tests given at labs? i keep reading 3rd gen antibody tests, etc.  but not sure how these rapid tests fit in this conversation...
2. are my rapid tests conclusive i did not catch hiv?
3. would you advise that i can resume unprotected sex with my gf?
4. any suggestions on what to do next in regards to testing?  

i am hoping my tests results can be considered pretty conclusive.  this anxiety is getting the best of me right now.
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Welcome to the forum.  Thanks for your question, and for reviewing other discussions with similar questions.

The exposure you describe carried little or no risk for HIV.  I understand your desire for testing for reassurance -- although you have overdone it a bit.  To your specific questions:

1) The 4th generation ("duo", "combo") tests are valid at 4 weeks; the antibody-only tests, including Clearview, are conclusive at 6-8 weeks.  See the thread below, and the other thread linked in that one.

2,4) Your tests are indeed conclusive.  You don't need any more testing.

3) Yes, you can safely resume unprotected sex with your regular partner.

Here's that other thread:  http://www.medhelp.org/posts/show/1891685

I hope this has helped.  Best wishes and stay safe--  HHH, MD
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