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Unprotected sex
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Unprotected sex

Good morning DR.
I'm 32 male , healthy
I had unprotected sex with a girl 3 times , same night 20 days ago.
I know I had a big mistake .
She said that she had  negative hiv combo test last January  and all other STD. But she had unprotected sex with two guys on February .
I asked her if she had any symptoms after her relationship and she said never , and the last time she had a fever was one year ago , no night sweats no flu or any thing.

Now it's been 20 days and the good thing  that I have no fever , no rush   no flu , or any symptomis . except 3 things
Which 1. I have pain behind my two ears from the back
2.  Night seawts for 10 mins max
3.  Red Spots on my back and some on my chest.

My questions
1. Do I have a risk according to my story  and risk is it
High risk , low , zero.
2. I had urine test and every thing is okay. Do I have to do hiv test after 8 days ?
3. Would my combo test would difinetive and coclusive after 28 days.?

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Welcome to the forum.  Thanks for your question.

Bottom line:  Little or no risk, no reason to worry, and you can expect a negative HIV test which will indeed be conclusive.

First, the odds a woman like your partner has HIV is nearly zero.  Among heterosexual women in the US, HIV is almost entirely limited to commercial sex workers and the regular partners (usually wives) of HIV infected men -- not to sexually active single women.  Second, if she had HIV the average transmission risk would be once per 2,000 unprotected vaginal sex exposures -- which is equivalent to having sex with infected women once daily for 5 years before infection might be likely.  Third, your symptoms are not typical for a new HIV infection; both the nature of the symptoms and their timing is wrong.

Those comments pretty well answer your specific questions, but to be explicit:

1) Extremely low risk, zero for all practical purposes.

2) Presumably your urine test was for gonorrhea and chlamydia. The negative results are reliable and conclusive; you have neither of those STDs.

3) The HIV combo test is always "defiitive and conclusive" at 28 days.  Here is a thread that discusses the time to reliable HIV test results, including the reasons most official advice remains 3 months even though reliable results rarely if ever take that long.  As you will see, it in turn contains links to other relevant threads:

So all is well. In the future, I hope you will use condoms for non-monogamous sexual encounters -- why go through the anxiety you are now facing?  But still the risk is low enough that you really don't need testing at all, and you can expect your reassurance test -- the combo test at 4 weeks -- to be negative.  At that point you can forget this event and move on without worry.

Best wishes--  HHH, MD
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Good morning DR.

Thank you  indeed for your help  , and I'm going to do combo test in few days
I have one more question please

1. Is it possible that some catch hiv with no symptoms ?
2. Is it true that the symptoms starts from 2 to 6 weeks max.?
3. If I do a sephilis test after 28 days , would it be conclosive as will ?
4. Is there any  tests you advice me to have ?
5. Can I follow up and tell you the results later on ? because I know that I only have tow questions every six months.

Thank you again DR.
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1. Yes.  Around 80% of people with new HIV infections have symptoms they recognize. The rest do not.

2. No.  Symptoms typically start 10-20 days after exposure.

3. The syphilis blood tests require 6 weeks to be conclusive.  But syphilis almost always causes recognizable symptoms.  And the chance a woman like your partner has syphilis is almost as low as for HIV.

4. See above re HIV testing.  If you feel you need the psychological reassurance from a negative syphilis test as well, have one about 6 weeks after the sexual exposure.

5. Feel free to report your test results if you would like.  The results will be negative.

That's all for this thread except for test results.  This whole business isn't worth anywhere near the level of anxiety you have had.  Settle down.
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Thanks for your help

I just had the Elisa hiv 1and 2 test and the p24 .

1. Is the 32 days as accurate as 28 day?
2. I was not fasting for the test is that ok?
3. I still have some pain on the back of my head ,  behind my ears and since 5 days i feel lots of tingling. On my neck  , swollen under the jaw and mild fever 37.6
With no pain in the thrught , is it possible to have ARS after 26 days ?

4. Would my test still be conclosive because it is not at 28 days ?

There are my last questions I promis.

I really would like to thank you for your help.
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Yes forget to tell you that I have  fever for four days now ,
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Your negative results is conclusive: you don't have HIV.

1,4) It is never necessary to test at a precise time.  This test reaches 100% reliability at 28 days, then stays there forever.

2) Fasting makes no difference.

3) Your test result proves your fever and other symptoms are not due to HIV.  If they continue for a week, and especially if you have true fever (over 38C or 100F), you should see a doctor or clinic for professional evaluation.  But you should no longer be at all worried about having HIV.
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Hello DR
Thanks for answering me , but
I did not receive the result yet , I'll have it on Monday ,
Because I said that " I just had the test " which is today , day 32 from the expos .

I'm glad you have replayed , but do the symptomis starts after 25 days ,
My fever is like comes to 38 then return to 37.6 like this .

Thanks again.

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Sorry I misunderstood that you didn't yet have your test results.  For the reasons already discussed, I still expect it to be negative for HIV.  But it seems a waste of your time (and mine) to speculate further when the test result will be available shortly, so I won't have anything more to say until the test result is available.  Let me know what it shows and we'll take it from there if you have any remaining questions.
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Hello DR

I finally got my results

Hiv antibody 1 and 2 negative
Hiv p24  antigen negative
Htlv one and two neg.

Is my 32 days combo definitive and conclosive with no doubt , because I had a fever while testing and sort grout , also Im having a swollen lymph under chin and my thought after the test.

Do I have to repeat combo test at 6-8 weeks because of my unprotected sex?

Can I relax and have unprotected sex with my partner ?

PS: my fever started 4 days before the test , the swollen lympe  under the jaw , chin , started after the test and it is still swollen.

Thank you DR for answering me and giving me you time , you are doing a great job , thanks .
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"Is my 32 days combo definitive and conclosive with no doubt...?"  Yes, regardless of any and all symptoms you may have now or in the future.  See my original reply, no. 3.  I haven't changed my mind.

"Do I have to repeat combo test at 6-8 weeks because of my unprotected sex?"  Nope.  But feel free to do it.  Re-read the other thread I linked in my original reply.

"Can I relax and have unprotected sex with my partner ?"  Yes.

All is well. You can stop worrying and move on with your life.  That will end this thread.
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