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hiv test at 5 weeks
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hiv test at 5 weeks

Hello Doctor Hunter.
I live in Eastern Europe.
5 weeks ago I had vaginal protected sex with a CSW but the condom broke when changing positions and I am not sure if the condom broke when I was inside the girl or when I was preparing to penetrate her.Anyway I think I might have had a risk....
Today at 5 weeks after exposure  I did a 4th generation HIV test and the result is negative.
How conclusive is a 5 week negative 4th generation hiv test ?Or is it just reassuring ?
A lot of people say that only at 12 weeks is a test conclusive.
Others say at 8 weeks but nobody says at 5 weeks .
Can I relax now or repeat the test at 12 weeks ?
PS : My test was hiv test combi.
The method was called ECLIA ...
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There was no need to write a second post and Dr. Handsfield will not add his comments to ours.  FYI, his comments would not differ from mine if he were to answer. We have not differed on out recommendations to a patient in many years.

Your question is repetitive.  As you were told earlier, 4th generation test provides definitive evidence of the presence or absence of infection at any time more than 4 weeks after exposure.

The recommendation that only a 12 week test is conclusive is out of date in several ways. First of all, the recommendation refers to tests for antibodies to HIV.  You were tested with a 4th generation test that tests for both HIV antibodies and the HIV p24 antigen.  Secondly, even the recommendation that antibody tests are not conclusive until 12 weeks is also out of date.  At this time, the fact is that tests for antibodies are conclusive at any time more than 8 weeks after exposure.  Recommendations for longer periods of time reflect older information given from what we consider to be overly conservative agencies, including the U.S. CDC, and reflect older, out of date research.

Bottom line- as you have already been told- believe your test result, it is conclusive.  You did not get HIV from the exposure you describe.  EWH
Many many thanks doc
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