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just had an EMG, Doc told me something, I need clarification
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just had an EMG, Doc told me something, I need clarification

Hi Doc,
5 years and 3 months ago I had unprotected vaginal and oral intercourse with a female in ohio. I was 20 and she was 19 at the time. 2 wks later pain after ejaculation and on the 3rd week mono-like illness. I tested for all STDS a large amount of times. ALL NEG. 10 weeks after I asked my internist for a VIRAL LOAD it was Undetectable.

Ive tested over 30 times (Yes I know a lot) over a 5 year period all NEG.

Most recently, Last month 5 years and 2 months past this ONLY poss exspouser I had a neg oraquick, a NEGATIVE RNA Qualitative HIV test and then a NEG Ab test at my university. For the past 2 years I have had electric feelings in my feet and prickling at night time. My Doc here at school sent me for an EMG today that was ALL NORMAL sensory and motor. he was a physiatrist and told me that HIV can lay dormant and not show up for years on tests! I finally stopped thinking of HIV last month and then he said this which has caused me to question things. He also said something about syphilis but I told him I had a Neg RPR also.

Please provide your thoughts. Thank you for your time and have a great evening.
Welcome to our Forum. While I am suspect that your doctor can interpret the results of your EMG well, he either miscommunicated or is mis-informed about HIV and STDs.  Your tests are definitive and there is no question AT ALL that you do not have HIV.  Your 30+ tests are excessive and you do not need further testing for HIV.  Similarly, if your RPR is negative, you do not need further testing for syphilis either.

By "lying dormant" he may have meant that HIV cannot be clinically apparent for years after acquisition and this is true but in such cases the blood test is still positive.  You do not have HIV.  

there are many possible causes of the sorts of neuropathic pains you mention and you have ruled out HIV and syphilis as possible causes.  Now it is time to look for other causes.  I suggest you work with a neurologist to do so.  EWH
Good evening Doc,

Thank you for your reply, I was hoping he wasn't correct . I asked for clarification and he said it could "hide" in macrophages or other cells and not elicit an antibody response. Is there any truth to this?

The test I have had follows:

Undetectable viral load right after this mystery illness 5 years ago
30 neg rapid test,
2 Neg DNA PCRs with ICMA Ab within the last year

Then last month had a NEG RNA Qualitative test approved by FDA.

After he told me this I went out yesterday and just had a neg rapid oraquick test and neg blood draw. My thoughts were if I was sick and got better 5 years ago doesn't getting over an illness mean antibodies to what ever pathogen has been generated?

Please answer my last questions directly and I will not ask any more. Your expertise is very appreciated. Thank you for your time
As i said before, your doctor is mistaken about the abiltiy fo HIV to "hide" from the immune system.  

" if I was sick and got better 5 years ago doesn't getting over an illness mean antibodies to what ever pathogen has been generated?"
CORRECT!  Further testing is silly and a waste of time. You do not have HIV.  EWH

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