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numbness in legs
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numbness in legs

I am writing this because I couldn't find this symptom discussed in other posts, but first I must say that
this forum is very helpful for those who, like me, seem to be worrying unecessarily about HIV.  
I had low risk experience, at a massage place. Brief unprotected oral followed by protected vaginal intercourse, and a shower on a shared bathing table which had me worried. I had tingling behind both knees several hours later, which wouldn't go away. The next night it was my ankles which were tingling, while behind the knees seemed swollen. The tingling wore off, but I experienced numbness in my thighs for almost a week, swollen and heavy. I had itchy skin, not dry, but warm and red, and tender glands above my collar bone and sides of neck. I had hives appear on my neck and hands. Everything has subsided, I never had a fever, but a dry cough that has progressed for over a week. My doctor thinks it is all anxiety related. I had an antibody and complete std test done a few days later, all negative, and am going back at the six week point. I know I shouldn't self diagnose, but everything I've read states that tingling numb legs or hands can occur with HIV soon after transmition. I feel like I caught something of some sort there, but I now am reassured that it is most likely not HIV related. I feel I survived a brief cold-like illness, and there's no numbness anymore. So, my question is, are numbness and tingling as such indeed a symptom of HIV, and what in my case could be attributed to the symptoms I had? Many thanks.
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You had a zero-risk sexual exposure; HIV simply is too rarely acquired by oral sex to worry about it at all, and with a condom you couldn't have been infected through the vaginal exposure.  Your statement that 'everything I've read states that tingling numb legs or hands can occur with HIV soon after transmition' is wacko.  No reliable health information site says that; you either misunderstood or you found some horrible wesbistes that you should never visit agagin.  Neither HIV nor any other STD can cause symptoms within hours and your itching and other sympoms cannot be due to anything you caught at the massage parlor.

Your doctor told you the likely cause of your symptoms.  I see no reason to disagree with anxiety as the best bet.  Follow up with your doc if your symptoms persist.

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