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Anxiety Treatment question
I'm currently in therapy for my anxiety.  In short, I had possible exposures 7 years ago. I tested 4weeks ago with a home oraquick swab.  It was negative.  I obsess over false negatives. Obsess over the sensitivity of the test  Obsess over the slightest ache, pain, sneeze, cough etc...  I think I also might be depressed. I have only had two sessions with my therapist. She believes I have underlying issues (which I do, I'm sure). I've never had these feelings before or felt like this. I almost feel like I am out of my body and just want to go back to normal. I'm annoyed with myself and just want to get over this and my involuntary emotions.

My questions are:

Has anyone been in therapy for HIV anxiety? How long did it take to resolve your feelings?  
Have you gone on any drugs? Have they helped? (I'm seeming my PC dr tomorrow so I want to ask)
Did therapy work?

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