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HIV/Not? Help!!! If not what should i do?
It dates back last June 10, 2012. I had my "FIRST" unprotected sexual intercourse with a guy (and ACTUALLY, IT WAS MY FIRST SEXUAL INTERCOURSE WITH THE A MALE.)...we've had an exchange of fluids and stuff... oral-anal (you know...)... After three days we've both experienced HIV-like symptoms like SEVERE DIARRHEA and fever. He also was diagnosed with UTI. but after few days later he got better and i got worse.. I had the diarrhea for a week and fever for 4 days and got a little bit better... but still having severe anxiety problem of having HIV....

Then after a day or so, symptoms starts popping out every after the other... sometimes at the same time.

1. Sore throat which lasted for 1week and a half...

2. Burning sensation all over my body esp. hands feet legs and back area

3. Feeling tired and sleepy which Im not normally like this...

4.Then after 2 weeks a discomfort in my lower right quadrant of my body. and lower back of my body...
(I went to a doctor and asked to undergo a sonogram of my kidneys (Left and right), bladder, pancreas, gallbladder, liver and spleen. I also got my urinalysis and everything is normal) I ALSO LOST MY APPETITE... i don't know if it's because of the anxiety/depression. I haven't checked my COLONS and intestines yet...

5. Then my ears started to ache and lymph nodes started to harden on the left side of my neck. I sometimes feel pressure inside my neck and ears and it feels hot... Then i started to feel dizzy and vision is blurry and slow motion-like… Also felt pressure at the back of my eyes and neck ache (I went to an ENT and he said that my ears are normal even my Eustachian tubes are ok he just said that I might be having viral infection in my throat that's why i have a swollen lymph node)

6. Then my eyes started to feel dry and my mouth as well.. I kept on drinking water but i can't seem to quench my thirst... Waking up is really hard because of dry eyes... and I always have a water bottle within my reach.. Did I develop SJOGREN'S Syndrome? Which is only common to middle-aged women (40's), people with autoimmune disease, lymphatic related disease and diabetes type 1...
This has caused more depression

7. These past few weeks I've been waking up 2 times in the middle of my sleep and experiencing sluggish and depressed mornings..

Right now its July 28, 2012 (It's been 6 weeks and 5 days)…. Many symptoms started to show up since June 10, 2012…  the burning sensation started to subside and it got better... But it sometimes feel minor sensations at times… My eyes are still dry and my mouth is like a desert!. I feel a little bit of dizzy at times but as not bad as my previous one.. My appetite started to get better.. I lost 5-3pounds since then...

The guy that i had sex with and myself had our HIV Rapid Blood Test (6weeks and 5 days upon exposure.) Both of us was NON-REACTIVE...  They say that Rapid test is quite accurate at 6weeks which gives at least 95-98% of assurance.

I asked him if how many guys he had sex with... Since we are both closet bisexual we only had limited guys.. he had 1 guy last year and the rest are girls... It is not possible that he has HIV since the last sexual contact that he had was 6 months ago with his girlfriend, and we both tested non-reactive...

This is the first time i did this with a guy... And that last sexual contact that I've had was last year 2011 and that's with a girl...

I don't know what's happening to me, do i have multiple complication?... My lower left part of my abdomen still has discomfort and my eyes and mouth are still dry... I always google my symptoms but no single accurate disease comes up.. THE GUY THAT I HAD SEX WITH FEELS ENTIRELY NORMAL>>>AND I AM NOT!!!!!!!!! UNFAIR!!!!!! I sometimes feel that I'm going die soon...  HELP.... I don't know which doctor to turn to…. I'm really confused, weary and depressed everyday!!! for the past weeks!!!
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Test at 3 months for a conclusive result.
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