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Still a little anxious
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This support group is for those who are suffering from stress or anxiety associated with uncertain HIV status. HIV anxiety is extremely isolating for those who are going through it, as it is often very difficult to discuss with friends and family members. This group is provided for sufferers of HIV anxiety to discuss their fears in a supportive environment. Those with anxiety over non-HIV STDs are also welcome. For personal advice concerning HIV risk, testing, and prevention, please post in the HIV Prevention Community.

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Still a little anxious

So After unprotected sex on July 28th with a stranger who status was unknown I met a new guy my current boyfriend  a few weeks later And started having Protected sex with him (vaginal and oral) except when he went down on me (he was a Virgin when I met him, no other sexual experience ( no tats or drug user) tested negative to hiv at 103 days, and at 175 days, i relaxed. In march (about 7 months after we started dating he tested negative to all std's. I started performing unprotected oral sex on him. (About a week later I guessing.. I got a cold (sore throat, headache, running nose, cough with phlegm. I still have my sore throat, and last night work up and my chest was all sweaty!)
I got tested again on Monday, 265 days after exposure ( again negative)

So my question is.. Is there any chance I could have given my boyfriend hiv?
If I was his only risk factor for catching it?
I suffer from severe stress and anxiety and going to see someone tomorrow about it.
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No chance at all.

1, you dont have HIV thats for sure.
2, Oral sex is not a risk of HIV, more so when giving oral as saliva is not a way of transmitting HIV, hence why kissing is not a risk.
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