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Update 7 mounths mark
I posted here some mounths ago.I had and have all book symptoms of ARS.I had a lot of tests, i think more than 15, the last one at 6 mounths mark, all negative, also undetectable RNA 7 weeks post exposure.I still have a lot of symptoms, sore throat, GI issues, burning feet etc.I just want to update my situation.I don't understand why peoples doesn't update their status and curent health condition.I think that everyone have to update, that way we will help each other.I don't want to **** of anybody but it s my opinion.
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Hi All

well I tested 18 months HIV ,VDRL -ve @18 months post my last exposure( last test Nov 2011)

My symptoms below are

1. Ongoing Sore throat
2. Ongoing Sinus infections
3. had Swollen and painful lymph node  behind the knees ,under armpits for 1 year or more
4.Now have swollen and painful lymph node behind the ear
5.Recurrent Low grade Fevers
7. Had a bout of Jaundice 6 months back
7.Rash on palm every few months over past 2 years
6.Mouth ulcers inside the wall of cheeks and tongue and gums
7.Ongoing thin white ridges on tongue sides
8. Muscle and joint pain

I have tested the below tests
1.HIV -ve ( 9 tests over past 2 years-18 months post last exposure)
2.VRDL & TPHA -ve(5 tests over past 2 years-18 months post last exposure)
3.HBsAg -ve ( same as above)
4. HEPC Antibody -ve( tested before the jaundice bout)
5.HSV-1 (postive) & HSV2(-ve)
6. CT scans for sinuses showed polyps
7.Blood Sugar (Normal)
8.LFT after Jaundice Recovery(increase in protiens and LDH),dint retest after that
9.RA -ve
10.Chest X Ray Normal
11.Malaria (-ve)
12.Typhoid (-ve)

Somebody please help me,My wife is pregnant and we are expecting a baby soon, i can only pray to god that whatever i have is NOT communicable to my wife and my unborn

I dont want them to suffer my deeds, every day i think what if the tests missed HIV or the STD's

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Im not sure what your asking? Your dont have HIV thats a fact?
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I wanna know how much month it 10 week
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