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need help
Good morning
here is my story
16 month ago i had anal sex with a sex worker, this was my first time i do this,, and after going back to my home i started the fear from HIV,,, i gave my head to the internet... spent all the day reading.
after one week i call the girl and took her to the lab and made HIV test 3rd gen and it came back negative.
i thought that i will be back to my life and i can sleep now.. but the anxiety didnt leave me.
during the 16 month i did more than 50 tests,,, 4th and 3rd gen with only one result (negative)
i started using the condom with my wife so that i didnt worry about her... but after one year she started talking to me about doing sex without condom because we need a baby and she doesnt find a reason of using condoms.
anyway i started doing sex without condom after i did 3 tests in different labs with negative result.
and now my wife is pregnant, and im die form anxiety... im not happy at all and every time my wife caught (for example) i start worry about her.. she had a fever after that and i was crying because i was sure i infected her.
now i dont know what to say.... many symptoms.... pain in my face... my eye... my arms...stomach..
please help me what to do
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You tested conclusively negative. HIV tests are the most accurate tests in the world,

"during the 16 month i did more than 50 tests,"

This suggests a mental health problem. Stop testing and seek professional mental help.

Thread OVER.

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