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please help
Dear all,

I went to a strip club on 13/7/2012 and I have lap dance with one girl and i touched here and kiss here strongly on her breast. What makes my worry that I remember a very minor cut (line straight line) on her breast there was no bleeding but looks like heading. Especially at the end of the cut line. I do remember that I stupidly kissed the cut and play it with my tongue I don’t remember may be also may be I kissed the cut strongly like sucking. But i did not taste anything nor see any liquid.

I’m 31 years old .

I’m really afraid that I have a contact with her blood in my mouth  

since that day i really dont feel normal.

- I have lost about 8 Kg
- I have constant nausea
- My throat is red more than usual and sometime painful
- I have constant LOOSE STOOL.
- Constant depressed mood

I really need your help and opinion of that.

I have tested at 6 week in 4 generation (in Canada) for HIV and herpis B and C and it come negative?

Do these constant symptom look like HIV?

Do I need to re-test again at 3 months?

I also come across this link http://www.zeptometrix.com/hivseroconversion.htm. which make it even harder to believe the 3 month results.

Can anybody explain why 3 generation test was unable to detect the HIV anti body after the 3 months ?

I live in Jordan now I don’t know which test generation they offer. let us assume 2 generation. What is the window period for 2 generation test?

I really appreciate your help. I really can’t back to my normal

Thank you.
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