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Help - Steve is freaking!!!!!! I think I'm POZ
My wife left me on Feb 25th and I was stupid, angry, depressed, stressed and lonely enough to
see 3 prostitutes that I had unprotected sex with.  2 of them 5 times
each.  Keep in mind that I had SEVERE Depression - more than I had ever experienced and craved to make a connection with a woman; even pretending she cared was enough.

Ironic isn't it.  I am bisexual and love receiving but definitely wasn't with a man since December.

Probable exposure some time between March 1st and March 16th.  

March 20th - developed symptoms of:

nasal congestion (Mar 20 - Apr 2)
sore throat (Mar 20 - 29) and again ( Apr 4 - 9)
2 red rashes (circular red on right forearm, size of dime) and (red washboard looking one on right thigh) (Mar 30 - Apr 5)
outbreak of herpes which I knew about (Mar 30 - Apr 5)
Depressed and not thinking straight (Mar 20 - present)
extreme weakness (Mar 20 - present)
fatigue (Mar 20 - present)
headache (Mar 20 - present)
joint and body aches (Mar 20 - present)
loss of appetite; forcing myself to eat (Mar 20 - present)
loss of interest to do things I enjoy (Mar 20 - present)

No symptoms like:
swollen lymph glands

March 16th - H Day
Apr 9th - H + 24 days (NEG)
Next Test: May 13th - H + 58 days (  ?  ) (8 weeks, 2 days)
Next Test: Jun 10th - H + 86 days (  ?  ) (12 weeks, 2 days)

Any thoughts my friend?
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Hi Steve,your test results a good but they won't be final until the 10th of june this year.I t can take up to 3 months to be conclusive but most will test positive by 6 weeks.While you wait for june to come along you need to take your mind off things and focus on the fact that although you had a risk it's alot harder for a man to contract HIV from a woman than the other way around.It's a waiting game now.I know how you feel.Beng depressed can lead to unprotected sex because you are not thinking at the time off the sexual intercourse.Just be strong and take care.Let me know the results when you receive them.
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