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is this a symptom of hiv. please help.
I'm disgusted at myself. I had sex 12.10.12 it was protected but the condom broke, and as you know it ended raw
Is it a such thing as having HIV symptoms this early. Right now my neck feels all stuffed up. I don't have a cold. Its sort of like swollen. I've read online continuously That swollen lymph nodes is a symptom of HIV. But I'm unseen about this. I have to get tested n March On the 10th because that's the three month mark. What do You guys think? I don't have any other symptoms!  I know my faults. Please give me some true symptoms of HIV. Thank u
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first happy new year!!!
and the swollen lymph nodes alone cant judge a hiv
usually hiv smthomps has 3 classic ars is very high fever,very sore throat and rash.
but symthomps cant judge a hiv now u have a low risk which u are using a condom and the n u said is broke and combined your test 2months plus it is strongest evidence u can relax a bit but since a guidline is 12weeks or 3months let's follow the guidline and i bet u will be negative.
and stay safe!!!
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