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5 Neg Rapid Hiv Tests and still have a confirmed "swolen sudmnadib...
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5 Neg Rapid Hiv Tests and still have a confirmed "swolen sudmnadibular gland"


I hope some of you can help me out from this hell. It would be awesome if Teak or any frequent writer can explain for me or give me some light with this problems. Here we go.

I had unprotected sex in Asia with a girl 5 times and came in her.

Since that I took my first Rapid hiv test Abbott Inverness Determine HIV 1/2 AG/AB 4th generation test.

I tested like this.

3 weeks after exposure = Negative
6 weeks after exposure = Negative
9 weeks after exposure = Negative
12 weeks after exposure = Negative
32 weeks after exposure = Negative

All this tests were negative and I was told by the test takers to not test anymore after the 9 week tests, but I did go back and took two more tests, 12 weeks and 32 week.

One year after exposure i started to get my symptoms. I have constantly twitching body. I tried severeal thing to find out what was wrong with me and I finally found out that Caffeine make me twtich as hell. Over 100 times in 2 hours if I drink 2 cup of coffees.

My second symptom is my right Submandular gland. Its swollen, it doesnt hurt, its exactly below my jaw. I went to a doctor to look it up. They confirmed it and they did a CT. Nothing found and they found that my neck was perfectly normal but they still said that my Submandibular gland was swollen.

My gland is still lthe same size as it was from the beginning and I think that is is caused by HIV but my 5 tests proove it doesnt.

Can someone please help what to do? 5 Negative tests and my gland is still Swollen, same size, dont get bigger o smaller, its just right there(confirmed) and the same side of my neck hurts but I dont feel anything swollen there.

Can someone who knows add something up what causes painless medium hard Swollen Submandublar gland after 5 negative hiv tests way after the timeline? The gland is not visible, only if you concentrate, the doctors saw it, I can see it and it bothers me like hell!

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Avatar m tn
Hiv is not your problem. No way no how. Your tests prove you didnt contract hiv. Glands swell for literally thousands of reasons. Any bacteral or viral infection can cause this. Not just hiv. And ps. The more you poke it, the more it will become inflamed. Keep working with your dr. You do not have hiv from this exposure.
Avatar m tn
How many times do you want to test?Enough now.You don't have HIV, now move on.
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