Can HIV be transmitted in this way?
by Bubulinu, Jun 13, 2013
Recently in my martial arts class we had to break a block of wood. Each person would go one by one to break it using their fist. The instructor would hold it about chest-level and we'd punch it horizontally. About 2-3 people punched it (without breaking it) before I punched and I broke it. When I punched it, I didn't look closely but I don't remember seeing any sort of large amount of blood. Even after I broke it, you had to look closely to see some fine red spots. For everyone of us our fists were bleeding after we punched it. Is it possible to get HIV by punching the wooden board? I hit approximately 10 seconds after the person before me. I washed my hands after about 3-5mins. Is it possible to get HIV from this? Also should I get tested for HIV? Should I even be worrying about it?
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by diver58, Jun 13, 2013
No ! HIV does not transmit this way. No way, Never. The only routes of HIV transmission are,

1. Unprotected vaginal and anal sex
2. Sharing IV works in drugs
3. Blood transfusion (this is a threat only in the developing world)
4. From mother to child

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