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Elisa Hiv Test Accuracy At 6 Weeks From Exposure
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Elisa Hiv Test Accuracy At 6 Weeks From Exposure

Anyone please help with this one!! IF you had a possible exposure to Hiv, how long Before Tests will pick up the infection, and how accurate are the rapid Hiv tests against the Elisa tests? If you are Elisa negative at 6 weeks after infection, does this mean that you are negative?? Could anyone help with this one?

I have unprotected sex on Aug 25th 2012 and i took the test on 08th Oct 2012.

I just had a test and everything is normal and i am being tested negative.

Here are my test results.

RBC  5.09 (MILL/MCL)
MPV 8.5
MCV 91.3
MCH 30.0
MCHC 32.8
RDW 13.6

HSV 1 igg herpselect Ab  0.34Index
HSV 2 igg herpselect Ab  0.12Index

HIV 1/2 eia Sor w/refl  Non reactive

Hev 1/2 (igg), Hsv (igm) w/rf
HSV igm ab screen   Not detected

After this tests doctor diagnosed and told me that i am suffering from Molluscum contagium. I am having red bumps on my genital parts which i am getting rid through laser.

Today i have seen few white bumps on my lips corner and my throat has swollen glans (glands). I am having cough from last one month.

Please help me to understand what could be the issue ? and do i need to take another HIV test ?

Current Symptoms:
Swollen glands (Like Tonsils )
white bumps on lips corner
Red Bumps on genital parts and body.
Cough and cold.
No fever.
No Headache
No Night sweats
No Diarrhea
No Rashes
No shortness of breath
Weight Loss in last month (May be because i started night shift so my Eating habit changed, gained few pounds back after i took care of my eating habit)
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3 months post exposure is when you can obtain your conclusive negative test result.
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