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Extend List of Hiv Related Scanarios
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Extend List of Hiv Related Scanarios

Pls do correct some if there is something wrong!

Here is the list of No Risk , Low Risk, Risk, High Risk, situtions I compiled from
different sources.

// No Rick (Non-Existant scenarios)
1)- Hand job, no matter unprotected
2)- Hand job with contamination of blood/menstrual blood/fluid (semen, cum, pre-cum, vagina fluid)/spit/oil, etc.
3)- Mutual Masturbate
4)- Massage, full body
5)- Hand to Genital, with cut etc in one's hand
6)- Genital to body (e.g. genital rubbing over one's body in massage)
7)- Finguring; fellatio, cunnilings
8)- Kiss/Kiss over body with minor blood or fluid over it, French Kissing & "deep" kissing (unless one has a lot of blood, sufficient quantity, in one's mouth)
9)- Oral sex (unless there is a lot of blood from one's mouth, which is not oral then). Oral sex given to girl, if the girl haven't blood in vagina(as menstrual)the risk is 0
10)- Rubbing of Penis in outer lips of Vagina (No penetration), and body
11)- Menstrual  blood contact to someone'penis, when one is wearning some shorts or underwear (means no penetration, and it got by rubbing of vagina over cloth, Possible contact of the air will kill virus)
12)- Masturbate with panty with possible dry fluid over it.
13)- Drop of blood containing HIV has entered the eye, etc
14)- Public toilets use
15)- Hugging, hand shake, kissing with cracked lips
16)- Safe sex (latex condom) - NO RISK
17)- HIV cannot be transmitted through water, to hemorrhoids or any other skin lesion or open sore.
18-) Penis is wiped with a wet towel that might have somebody else's semen in it (typically massage experience)
19)- One touches a girl's vagina (all the way in) with hand and then put that hand on his penis, or vice versa.
20)- Grinding with one wearning shorts, underwear, etc.
21)- Licking of nipples (by a man to a woman or vice vers)
22)- Sucking of nipples/boobs
23)- Sucking of nipples with possibility of milk and secretion  
24)- Lap dancing (you are weaning something and even if she is nude)
25)- nude skin to skin massage

9) can be categorized as LOW RISK

// Low Risk:

1)- Blow Job with possibility of blood contact (e.g. Menstrual blood). You have a risk of gonorhea, herpes and syphilis. Gonorrhea would be the most commonCommon cold but it is low risk. Herpes and syphilis would be very low risk.
2)- Condom break, and one pulled out immediately
3)- Improper use of condom, e.g.  condom resue

// Risky:
1)- Unprotected Vaginal sex - RISK = 1/1000
3)- Unprotected Anal sex - RISK = greater than (1)

// Very Risky:
1)- Blood transfusing
2)- Sharing Needles and drugs (sharing of iv drug works)

// Special Note:

1)- Always use a condom.
2)- Always assume your partner (no matter bar girl or your frind) has HIV infection.

Most of it came from an early post "A Compiled List of Hiv No-Risk, Low-Risk, High-Risk Scenarios"

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easier to remember to NOT have unprotected sex or share iv drug works with someone who's status you are not sure of.
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