by samk971, Jun 23, 2011
How does risk determine the window period for the tests. If the situation is high risk, it is recommended that test be repeated at 3 months and 6 months. How does seroconversion vary based on risk. I asked this to a nurse in health clinic. She said that the reason they recommend repeated tests at 3 and 6 months is to bring the person back in the clinic so that some counselling can be done not because there may be delayed seroconversion, but still recommend 3 month for conclusive resulsts.Any comments?
When I asked my question on doctor's forum, Dr. Cummings said no further testin was required beyond 8 weeks. It is conclusive. I believe Dr. HHH and Dr. Hook have same opinion. Now this 3 month comment from the nurse is again creating anxiety.
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by LIZZIE LOU, Jun 23, 2011
it is highly unlikely that a result will change after 8 weeks...but the guideline set by the manufacturers of the tests, the cdc, and the fda...still states that a test is CONCLUSIVE at 3 months post exposure.  (regardless of risk)
by Teak, Jun 23, 2011
3 months post exposure is when you can obtain you conclusive results no matter what the risk was.
by samk971, Jun 23, 2011
in a little while I will post some information for everyone from BCCDC(British Columbia Centre for Disease Control)
by Teak, Jun 23, 2011
Page 11
  In an adult, a positive HIV antibody test result means that the person is infected, a person with a negative or inconclusive result may be in the “window for 4 to 6 weeks but occasionally up to 3 months after HIV exposure. Persons at high risk who initially test negative should be retested 3 months after exposure to confirm results
by samk971, Jun 23, 2011
Hi Teak:

what is high risk
by juandos1980, Jun 24, 2011
1. unprotected penetrative vaginal / anal sex
2. sharing iv drug works
3. mother to child.......

by samk971, Jun 24, 2011
I read somewhere that Massachusetts considers 6 week antibody(3rd gen. ELISA) as conclusive. is that true?
by Hope242, Jun 24, 2011
NO tests are conclusive for HIV before 3 months.
by samk971, Jul 04, 2011

Today I had my Rapid Test done at BCCDC, Vancouver( INSTI Rapid Test approved in Canada)
It was done at 12 weeks 3 days (87days).

Is it conclusive now?
Are Rapid Tests as reliable as blood test. The nurse said they are very sensitive (99.98%)

Your input is greatly appreciated.