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Hiv negative 5 months post exposure (symptoms still present)
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Hiv negative 5 months post exposure (symptoms still present)


i share my story, i spent more than 5 months in HELL ,the badest time period of my life
i was a health guy of 24 years ,with 85 kg weight, very active and social person

i have had a risky vaginal exposure on 16 February night time ,with condom ,but during the sex the condom was broke and i didnot realize it
,when i pulled out my penis i change it with new one, i didnt ejaculate inside the vagina

i became sick right after 4 days on 20feb with sudden extreme fatigue ,(specially legs aches) and huge loss of appetite,, stomache aches at liver sides,zero energy, loss of sex drive
,i even didnot chew my food because my jaws was hurting during chewing the food, i dropped 3 kgs in first week
(above symptoms continues)

right after 1 month i develop sore throat and only pain feeling in my lymph nodes, (under my chin ,some time groin,other time armpit,,these symptoms last about 1 week)
after 2 months i see a rash just on back side of my one finger.(rash lasted for 30 hours). i start developing cough first it was dry cough but later  its with sputum ,and still presented with congested chest,,
loose stools
i never had a fever

utill now i lost 10kg of my weight in 5.5 months,

first four months i wasnot able to do anything with very extreme fatigue, i just spent this all this time in my bed,my bed became my closet friend that days
now a days i can walk a little around but my legs still aches , due to this i cannot walk more because i feel without energy

i am still very tired,having no energy to do anything specially in legs
after 2nd and 3rd months routine blood test performed
with hepatits B AND c but they are NEGATIVE
also perom epstein bar virus and NEGATIVE

in CBC 2nd time i notice a decreased in lymphocytes
in first cbc it shows [46.1%] normal range is (19.0 - 48.0) ====>  perform on the date 30/04/2013
but in 2nd  CBC it shows[38.3%] normal range is (19.0 - 48.0)====> perform on the date 06/06/2013

after 5 months and 10 days post exposure i did blood test for HIV  ANTOBDIES ANTI HIV (screening tesT) [well i dont know why they written screening test in BRACKETS]
THE RESULT CAME BACK NEGATIVE AFTER 5 MONTHS 10 DAYS POST EXPOSURE (no doubt it was a big relief from anxiety but unfortunatly my symptoms still present)

i also performed testosterone  with HIV test due to lack of sex drive and  they found my prolactin levels are very high

prolactin ===>         41.09   normal levels (4.04 - 15.20)
testosterone  ===>      3.34    normal levels (2.80- 8.0)

my current symptoms
muscles loss
leg aches
cough with sputum
cogested chest (my shest x-ray came back NORMAL)
rigid/tight neck muscles ( when i move my neck left or right)
lack of appetite  ( i can go for week without eating anything)  
upper middle abbdominal cramps
lack of sex drive
skin change
sunken eyes/dark circles under eyes
loose stools

1. my question is that , is it possible  hiv acute illness symptoms lasts for time period of  5 plus  months?
2. is it all due to my prolactin high levels ?
3. should i neend to retest for HIV again after 9 months or 12 month post exposure?
4. is my low sex drive due to HIV ?
5. can anybody know a bit more about prolactin levels??

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Avatar m tn
You don't have HIV and the symptoms you have, have nothing to do with HIV.
Avatar m tn
Thanks a lot for the quick response i really appreciate!
Teak you are doing so nice work on the forums to prevent HIV and you educating the peoples about risks, what  good words i can say about this greater work  , all i can say may you live long with healthy life!

Teak please tell me should i retest for HIV again after some months?
because some people also talk about late seroconversion
while i am not a drug user even i don't smoke cigarettes and alchohol
and also i didn't had a health problem before
is it still chances of late seroconversion????

i am very worried because of my symptoms as i described in my previous post
Avatar m tn
No you do not need to retest.
Avatar m tn
does symptoms sounds like any other STD?
i also started numb feeling in my left hands finger today first time
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