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Just some questions
Exposure: unprotected vaginal sex
Negative at 8 weeks via ELISA
Negative at 8.5 weeks via OraQuick
Negative at a couple days shy of 10 weeks via ELISA
Today marks 12 weeks. I go to the Dr. next Wednesday to get the order for my "conclusive" ELISA. And I am scared s**tless. I am still so convinced that I have it. I had such severe symptoms... I know symptoms don't mean that much, but my Dr. cannot figure out what has been causing them.
So here are my questions:
1. Can ARS illness last only 2 days?
2. Can any symptoms associated with ARS last 10-11 weeks?
3. Can breast enlargement in women occur this early (I swear they're getting bigger.. if nothing's wrong, yay for me)
4. I am losing weight fast. That just started though. I haven't changed my diet or excercise. I lost two pounds since yesterday. Would this be happening at this point?
5. What are your opinions on the chances of my almost 10 week negative turning into a 3 month positive?

Thanks guys... I'm going insane!!
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