Panel 083824 HIV1/0/2 Test Results Question
by shiki48, Jul 28, 2011
I had a LabCorp test recently, about 6 weeks after my last sexual encounter (with someone whom I don't suspect having HIV at all)

The results are below:
                                                         Result              Reference Range
HIV 1/O/2 Abs-Index Value              1.00                 <1.00
Index value: Specimen reactivity relative to the negative cutoff
HIV 1/O/2 Abs, Qual                         Non Reactive  Non Reactive

The test result was not colored red like positive items on the list, so I assume it means the test result is considered "Negative".

I never experienced any symptoms of acute HIV infection (fever, malaise, etc.).

I am extremely worried about the Result shown. Isn't that dangerously close to being out of reference range? If so why does the "Qual" test show as Non-Reactive? Are there two tests happening here? My doctor suggested retesting at 3 months to be completely sure. Should I supplement this blood test with a finger-stick test at a clinic?

What does the 1.00 here mean exactly?
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by Light777, Jul 28, 2011
Don't worry. None reactive means you are negative. I did the same test with labcorp, a month ago. So don't worry about your results.
When it's <1.00 it means your negative. It's something like protiens they count in your blood and when is smaller than 1.00 it means there's no problem. & it's negative ;-)
I did at 6 week point a month ago. And did another 2 days ago at 10 week point.
My question is how accurate is this test after 6 weeks!? There's really no info about the window period of this tests!
What was ur risk???
by shiki48, Jul 28, 2011
Thanks Light,

My issue here is the result was actually 1.00!  And although the reference range says <1.00, I'm not sure if it's "less than or equal to" or a hard "less than". The only thing keeping my hopes up is the "Non reactive" under the Qual row.

I think I read 6 wks is the cutoff for when these tests start being accurate.. but 3 months is to be the most sure.

by Light777, Jul 28, 2011
It's non reactive. And that's the important phrase here. Forget about the numbers. When it's written non reactive then it is for sure non reactive, otherwise they were going to put something else there ;-)
where did u read about the window period of this test?
I tested at 10 week point, but really scared to go for my results.(it will be ready by next day).
Why do u worry?
What was ur risk?
Maybe u don't even need a test!
by shiki48, Jul 28, 2011
    HIV AIDS: U.S. Government site informs: "The timeframe between when you are exposed to HIV to the time you test positive for HIV antibodies can be up to 3-6 months. This period of time is called a “window period” for HIV testing. On average, you may need to wait 2 to 8 weeks from the time of possible exposure to get an accurate test result, because it takes at least that long for the immune system to develop enough HIV antibodies to be detectable."[1]

My partner had only one monogamous partner for 4 yrs, but I am unsure as to whether the guy she was with may have had extrarelational affairs (unlikely...), hence my worries.

6 wks was my very last exposure but I had other exposures with the same person. So unless I was infected at the very last exposure, it's possibly been more than 6+ weeks timeframe between exposure to test. I think she told me she was clean so we were mainly using condom + patch as birth control rather than STD prevention. I never had symptoms of acute HIV infection since the exposures.


by shiki48, Jul 28, 2011
My last post made it seem like I always used condoms, but in fact I did have unprotected sex sometimes with my partner. No ejaculation in cases w/o condom though.
by Light777, Jul 29, 2011
The odds of getting HIV from an unprotected sex with someone who is HIV positive (pos-female to male) is 1/2000 as u can read from posts from the expert. Here.
But that is if you don't have any STD or cuts or ulcers on ur penis plus the viral load of the person. But the main thing is all of these bieng considered when the female is positive. Which in ur case I don't think she is. Don't worry. I'm sure I'll be fine. Do another test weeks later for peace of mind. And always use condoms even if u know the woman. I'm telling u this so that u won't worry  this much in future ;-) everything is gonna be fine. in my opinion The odds of getting HIV from the kind of relationship u explain is unlikely, ur not with a hooker or a prostitute..... Besides u have that 6 weeks point test there under ur belt..
Then let me tell u sth else, ) if someone is negative it doesn't mean his/her partner is negative too. talk to her ,Ttell her how much u love her, and care for her, then take her to a public clinic, get her tested ;-)  I'm telling u this cuz u doubt so much........ U don't have HIV and can't get from a situation like this.....
She's not a hooker or street junkie or drug user.
Take care ;-)
by ajua357, Feb 26, 2013
had an hiv testing and my result read as follow HIH 1/0/2 Abs-ICMA   HIV 1/0/2 Abs-index value >50.00 high  <1.00   index value:specimen reactivity relative to the negative cutoff.HIV1/0/2 Abs,qual.repeatedly reactive abnormal non reactive 01      
by Twitch719, Apr 22, 2013
Listen, have any of you gone back to get tested at least a year or later to continuously find negative results?  
by LIZZIE LOU, Apr 23, 2013
3 months post exposure is CONCLUSIVE