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Please assess my risk
Hi All,

Please assess my risk. I'm a 31 yr old happily married guy. I've always been faithful to my wife.never had sex outside my marriage.
One incident that happened in my life really questions about myself putting into risk. ABout six
months back i had gone to a health spa to get a swedish body massage. I always wanted to get a massage
and at the beginning the massage woman clearily asked me if i wanted sex by showing a condom to me and i
outrightly denied it. Then she gave me a body shower with water. I was totally nude and she was applying
some body scrub followed by a shower. Then she took me to the massage room and got her clothes removed.
We did a bit of rolling touching each other's bodies. At any point of time we didnot kiss. I just played
with her boobs by sucking her nipples. I was lying on he top for some time and then she started giving
me a hand job by applying massage oil.

This particular incident put me in real anxiety mode. Two weeks later i started getting stomach burning sensation
and i took some medication. Stomach burning n awas the only problem i had and it went away eventually. I can
assure you that i didnot have any kind of sex (vaginal,anal,oral). No penetration. Even when i was about masturbate,
The massage woman clearly said that i should do it on the floor and not on her body.

Kindly answer me the following questions:
1) When the massage woman gave me a body shower, she did touch my genitals by washing it with body wash and water.
She also used massage oil and applied on the inner of my penis. The massage oil or water can be a madium for
hiv transmission?
2) I was lying on her and we did some rolling on the bed. Is there any chance that my precum and her vaginal sceretions could have got touched at the genitals and could this lead to transmission. Again she was always
wearing a transparent black panty. Can her vaginal secretions reach my genitals and could this enable hiv transmission?
3) Can her palms/fingers with/without blood or vaginal secretions transmit hiv as she gave me a hand job for couple of minutes.

Please advise me appropriately. Can the above activities lead to hiv transmission. I read in couple of forums that
hiv exposed to open air can survive for minutes. Is that true and if so can it infect me ? I even did my testing after 4 weeks and four days (more than one month)
and came back negative. Prior to this incident about a month before i was taking anti infammaotory drugs (naphroxen)
.Its a non steroidal drug . COuld that affect my testing results?

After getting a proper confirmation from the HIV testing department that i had no risk, I started having regular sex with my wife. Its more than six months but i still have the fear that i have hiv or i would have transmitted to my wife.
I again got the stomach burning problem about a week back and have been getting heacaches often. I also get lot of acne these days on my face.Are these clinical
stage 1 symptoms. Please advise me appropriately.SHould i get tested again?

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You had no risk. Questions 1-3 are answered simply by telling you that you had no risk. You have been told this as you state above and if you can accept this then you should see a therpaist.

Don't mix guilt over this incident with actual risk or symptoms.
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