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Recurring Yeast Infection, and jock itch. HIV? Counseling?
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Recurring Yeast Infection, and jock itch. HIV? Counseling?

I had two questionable unprotected encounters over 5 years ago. I didn't give it much thought at the time, but I've been more and more worried (and convinced myself) that I might have contracted HIV.
On and off for the past two years I've had problems with what seem to be yeast infections and/or jock itch/ringworm with one episode affecting the scrotum. They all clear up with treatment (anti-fungal creams etc), but they recur.
Since those encounters years ago I've had a few long-term type relationships involving unprotected sex (two of them were virgins). To my knowledge none of those partners have had any kind of symptoms, or any testing either.
Obviously I need to get tested to be sure, but one of my concerns is how to prepare myself for a positive result. As the moment, other areas of my life aren't going as well as I'd like. I've been feeling this depression building up for the past couple years, possibly as a result of the stress of the uncertainty of my status as well as my sense of self worth for potentially exposing ones that I've loved.
I suppose my questions are:
What is the level of risk that I've subjected myself and my partners to?
What do I do if I'm positive? How does one go about rebuilding a life, find love, marriage, etc after such thing? I have a hard enough time with relationships as it is.
Any thoughts?
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1. No body can asses your risk here over the internet
2. You are worrying over an assumption
3. Your infections could have been due to so many other reason, HIV can't be indicated by symptoms
4. FOR YOUR INFORMATION: Today HIV is just another chronic manageable disease like diabetes, it is not the same scenario like 20 - 25 years back when every one having HIV used to die due to AIDS, today, there are highly effective drug cocktails available which can curb the virus to a great extent
5. You can't worry over some thing which is very uncertain, get a test done to know it !


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why dont you get tested.
a standard antibody test will put your mind in peace and will give you all your answers.

please do a test and forget the past.
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one, you should get tested, not because youve had a particular risk, but because everyone not in a monogomous relationship should test at least once a yr. and you have had low risk.
yeast infections, jock itch ringworm, they are not caused by hiv. poor hygeine.
not that you dont soap, lather, and wash your golg balls, but when moisture retains in that area it becomes a breeding ground for fungus, plus you probably have athletes foot too. after bathing, towel dry, then give yourself a few extra minutes to air dry or blow dry with very low heat.
if jock itch had to do with hiv, every ball scratching male american would be in big trouble.
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