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SCARED... condom broken and PEP
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SCARED... condom broken and PEP

I had protected insertive anal sex, BUT the condom broke and the guy found out being positive because of this incident (i´m negative). Here are the facts:

1) i was the insertive partner - ONLY!

2) it was a one-time occurrence

3) i noticed very soon that the condom had bronken (less than 2 minutes - in fact, i think it was less than one minute...)

4) there were no sores, lesion, blood or mucous on my penis´s head or on his anus (the guy is a physician and in fact he searched for it on my penis)

5) i started PEP (combivir + kaletra) less than 41 hours after the incident and haven´t skip any dose for 29 days.

6) i am not circumsised.

7) the guy did 3 quick tests and 2 came back positive... one came back negative... Instead of waiting for the Elisa test, i dedided to begin PEP.

8) i have been checking my temperature since the accident and i have been paying attention to any symptoms. i haven´t felt anything different since that day... my temperature is normal, there has been NO lymph nodes... nothing is wrong with my body.  

Given all those facts, what do you think is my risk?

How can we understand the quick tests, their different results?

Why, if the CDC states that insertive vaginal sex is 0,05% risky and insertive anal sex is 0,06% risky (numbers which are used here in Brazil), there are so many doctors that says that anal insertive is SO MUCH MORE riskier??? I have heard somewhere that because of a high viral load, that risk could be over 20%, 30% to the insertive partner... Is it correct? Should i panic?

Please, i am hypochondriac and i haven´t been sleeping for over two months now and i am very scared to do the test... please... i am so demanding about my health and condoms that i cannot believe this has happened... and the irony: i have used a condom which i received at a HIV prevention congress here in Brazil...

Sorry for my english...

and thank you very much!
Avatar m tn
Obtain your conclusive test result 3 months post your last dose of nPEP.
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