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Sinus/post nasal drip/sore throat
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Sinus/post nasal drip/sore throat

Dear Doctor

Thank you for this service.

My story is, that I had sex with a CSW from Thailand (working in Denmark in a Thai Massage clinic) 4 months ago, and the condom broke. I noticed a small sore/cut just below the penis head afterwards.

I asked her if she had any deseases, and replied that she did not, and that she had been tested 3 months ago. She sounded very sincere about it.

17 days after exposure, I developed a mild "on/off" sore throat in the left side of the throat. No fewer or rash whatsoever (measured the temperatur at least 3 times a day in a 14 day period) - but problably due to the anxiety I did develop fatigue, headache and some night sweats, until I was able to convince myself that I most likely did not have ARS due to the lack of fewer, rash, myalgia, no visible swollen nodes etc.

After a month of this "on/off" sore throat I went to the doctor, who could find nothing wrong with the throat, but noted slightly swollen nodes under my chin. I also went to an ENT specialist, who did an endoscopi, and also could not find anything wrong.

As of today (4 months after exposurem, and 3,5 month after the initial sore throat), I still have an "on/off" sore throat. As I am also somewhat congested in the back of the left side of the nose, I am guessing that the "on/off" sore throat is due to post nasal drip from a one-sided sinus infection (I often get sinus infections, but never before with post nasal drip).

I know that the chances for catching HIV from a single exposure is small. And I also know that my symptoms are not typical of ARS, with the absence of fewer, rash and a "severe" sore throat. And I also know that symptoms are not supposed to last much more than 2 weeks

But the reason for posing on this forum is, that I still cannot completely get it out of my head, that it might somehow indirectly be connected to HIV.

1) Is the body less resistant toward developing infections unrelated to hiv during ARS?

2) If so, can a sinus/post nasal drip sore throat indirectly be a sign of ARS?

3) if so, could the sinus/post nasal drip sore throat be the only ARS symptom, or would there also be other more classical symptoms such as fewer, rash etcl?

4) Could there be anyway ARS symptoms would last for almost 4 months (and counting)?

I quess I am overly concerned, but by the mere fact of me posting on this forum I hope I am protected by your 8 year track record
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is there any reason in particular that you haven't tested yet?
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