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Whats the probability i'm infected? Is Peripheral Neuropathy a Symp...
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Whats the probability i'm infected? Is Peripheral Neuropathy a Symptom?

I Think i was exposed about 10 weeks ago, i m not sure, i had sex with a Transsexual, i was the receiver but i was really drunk and i don't remember if he used a condom, my question is this, i haven't had any symptoms at all, only testicular pain which the doctor diagnosed as an infection, not Chlamydia nor Ghonnorrea just a regular infection, and i am now under treatment 1g of Ciproflaxacin XR for 7 days one tablet every 24 hr , i haven't had any fever, night sweats, headache, dry coughing, swollen glands, fatigue, loss weight, no nothing only recently what i think is Peripheral Neuropathy, also i think is important to tell you that i was so afraid of ghonorrea and chlamidya that i took 1g of Ciproflaxacin (not XR just regular Cipro) and 1 g of Azytrocimin first day, 500mg second day, and 500mg the third day about 1 month after this encounter, this was before seeing any doctor, i finally went to see a doctor because i had a lot of testicular pain, did an echo and it was clean, i wanna point out that that was my only high-risk encounter, right now i'm feeling fine, no tired no fever no nothing, just weird thingling in my aquilles tendon, calf and very little in the upper leg along with  erectyle disfunction, i can have "eyaculations normaly"no pain at all, so im thinking Peripheral Neuropathy" i wanna point out that i've been a heavy drinker for 5 moths now, drink till i pass out about 2 or 3 times a week with beer wine, scotch and a lot of vodka.

My questions are as followed:
Is this really peripheral neuropathy? or could it be alcoholic neuropathy?
Can this pain be caused by the exsecive antibiotics that i took before going to the doctor?
Can I be wrong and this be tendonitis caused by the Cipro (currently on treatment) instead of peripheral neuropaty?
What are the chances that i am infected according to the data provided above?
How certain will the HIV test results be if it has only been 10 weeks? should i wait for the 12 weeks?
Can the stress of being infected affect my erections or could the testicular pain affected them?

Thank you
A Worried Guy
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first things first...when you are done here...please go to the forum below and work on your alcoholism.  you keep playing with fire and you're gonna get burned.

since you are unsure of whether a condom was used for anal is advised that you test.  wait for the 12 weeks and get your CONCLUSIVE result.

symptoms dont diagnose hiv...only a test will do that.
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