Would a female notice if the condom broke?
by Myygoodness, Dec 22, 2008
If you are a female and having condom protected sex with a male, and the condom were to break, would you be able to tell?

If not, Do you think the male would tell you?
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by worried_fool, Dec 22, 2008
I have never had a condom break, EVER.  I think you have to be pretty well endowed to stretch a condom out that bad, or have some fairly rough sex.  Not to mention, be without lubrication is my guess.....

I think it's more likely that a condom would slip off than tear.  And my guess would be, if a condom tore you would both know it.

Is there a reason you are asking?  What makes you think it broke/tore?
by Myygoodness, Dec 22, 2008
I just didn't see the condom after we had sex, and it made me a little nervous..I know that if it slipped off I would be the one pulling it I know that didn't happen! But I was just wondering if a condom were to actually break and not rip apart would I be able to notice..I doubt that it happened, I just started to wonder..
by Myygoodness, Dec 22, 2008
Oops..that doesn't sound right..

I didn't actually inspect the condom afterword..
by Teak, Dec 22, 2008
Yes, you would be able to tell if the condomed failed and the male would also know.
by Myygoodness, Dec 22, 2008
I'm honored that you answered my post..
Thank you.

*big sigh of relief* He never mentioned it, so I'm thinking it never happened.

The one time I did have a condom break (many years ago & many tests ago) I definately had to go in and fish it
by Myygoodness, Dec 22, 2008
Thanks I just got ahold of him! :) Nothing happened..and He shared his wonderful test results with me..Neg for all stds including HIV!

=) YAY!
by horneyboy, Dec 24, 2008
Condoms can fail different ways.  There can be a forceful snap in which both partners know it.  It can rip at the end and slide back on the male's penis in which case the woman might not notice it but the man almost certainly would because of the different feel.  If the man didn't notice it at the time he would know it when he went to take it off.  A condom can slide off and be left inside the woman.  She might not notice it until the next day and this can cause odor and discharge if not removed.

BTW I have had numerous condom failures throughout the years; even with my favorite brand.  It does happen; in my experience the snap rupture is the most common.  Just ask any CSW, they can usually tell when a condom breaks.  They jump off you so quickly when it happens they could win an Olympic medal in the high jump!
by lwang, Mar 23, 2011
Hi Horneyboy can you advise I had protected sex with a sex worker benidorm after pulling out I noticed that the condom had slipped it still covered my penis head + foreskin my penis was semi  erect.
there was so much slippage of the head of my penis approx  2 inch
the lighting was poor but after removing the condom it felt heavyer than a unused one i felt down the length to the tip it was containing fluid I pressed with two finger more than once to confirm what are my risks of std or hiv
by Vance2335, Mar 23, 2011
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