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some websites says needs 6 months for conclusive test, and many people ...
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A place to get help from others in assessing your risk of HIV, getting advice about HIV testing or the effectiveness of condoms or risks associated with specific sexual practices.

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some websites says needs 6 months for conclusive test, and many people here says 3 months for conclusive test???

I think i did something stupid in Oct 08 for couple times, last month in Feb i started have some symtomes like weakness, stomach flu, somtimes i felt like my throat is swollen, well i got tested in Feb 21, after 4 months from one possible exposure , and 4 months & 3 weeks from other, test came back negative, but my Doc. said i need to get tested every 6 months after possible exposure , so now i worry about it , can it become poz. ? and i still have some symtoms (symptoms) and weaknes, my friends think that im getting crazy, i donno what to do, i dont know how to get over of this feeling, please help me :-(
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