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window period - drugs???
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window period - drugs???

I have a few questions for you. Next week will be 12 weeks since my exposure (unprotected vaginal sex with a college girl, not high risk girl, but unprotected is unprotected).

I'm going for a HIV test (1/2/antigen) Eclia 4 generation.

But, one week after exposure, I was playing soccer with my friends, and one of them, broke my cheek bone and arcade. (accidentally)
I write you in details, to see if one of next things will affect my window period or test accuracy.

1)  my eye was with blood on it, so I received next medicine:
          1.1) TAROSIN (rutosidum)   - food supplement  - NO affect ....?
          1.2) VITAMIN C             - NO affect ...?
  1.3) INDOCOLLYRE - eye solution -  NON steroidal anti-inflammatory - NO affect ...?

4) AUGMENTIN (5 days) - antibiotics -  NO affect on window period or test at 12 weeks, right?

5) after 4 weeks I've done Otitis on my right ear, swiming in thermal water.
Doctor give me next drugs:
5.1) Doxycycline (7 days) antibiotics - NO affect on window period or test at 12 weeks, right?
                5.2) Aponil (NIMESULIDUM)  (20 tablese) - non steroidal anti-inflammatory ... NO affect ..?

5.3) Rhinocort Aqua spray  (for nose, 2 times / day ) - 2 weeks - corticosteroids  ???? Here is my question...Rhinocort  Aqua is a corticosteroids, ?????  

        5.4) ciplox (ciprofloxacin) - ear solution...NO affect ...right?

6) All these medicine, combine, have NO affect on window period or test results?

I'm asking all these, because I want to be sure that my test at 12 weeks, is accurate and definitive.

I have no other illness. I'm a healty 30 years old man.

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none will affect your test.
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