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This Group is for people suffering from undiagnosed list of symptoms after having an exposure with no answers from doctors , symptoms are much the same between people suffering some have more and some got less but they all meet in at least half of the list will be mentioned . this group will give people a hope and tell them that they are not alone and when we reach a good a number of people we can push for starting a research about our medical condition and not only to keep setting and listening to anxiety stories as people other people did ,, we have a faith and tests that proves we are sick from unknown condition and that why we should never stop searching OUR LIFE OUR CHOICE.. This illness symptoms are : 1) Oral trush on my tongue with red spots 2) Enlargement painful lymph node in armpit , nick and groin area (CT scan proved ) 3) Skin rashes on the chest and behind my ears 4) fatigue 5) muscle pain and Joints pain 6) Dry mouth, Oral ulcers 7) stomach ache 8) abdominal pain 9) chest pain 10) shortness of breathing 11) night swets on the beginning of the illness 12) CD 8 is higher than CD 4 and some times CD 4 is less than normal 13) Wight drop at the begging of illness then patient gain some weight after 3 months

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HIV Like ilness

To make my story short:

In April 2006 I had sexual intercourse with an unknown woman and 3 days later my nightmare begun. These are the main symptoms:
1. Constant low grade fever – lasted for about 3 years, in later stage only in the evenings dropped below 36.0 C which was accompanied with sweats.
2. Severe night sweats.
3. Day sweats, constantly wet head (kind of oily face), wet hair.
4. Sore throat for many months – nothing could cure it.
5. Red eyes, kind of red net in the white part.
6. Severe brain for.
7. Extreme weakness I could hardly walk.
8. Blurred vision, something as someone looks too long into the sun and then try to adapt its vision to a normal light. But this kind of vision was constant for me even during the days without the sun.
9. Disgusting, white coat on my tongue – candida albicans diagnosed.
10. No appetite.
11. Anxiety.
12. Chronic sinus congestion.

I have lot of lab tests which revealed nothing. The only diagnosis was “Patient suffers from ME/CFS (WHO 93.3); however it is clear that there is a chronic persisting infection of unknown origin”.

Something like 4 years later I have started to feel better, I could back to quite normal social life.
Last year I was able to start some minor sport activities like jogging, gym.

Around 2 months ago the nightmare started again with some kind of weakness and chills. Checked body temperature – it was sth like 35,2C almost all of the time (now it is quite normal during the day). This time I don’t have as severe symptoms yet (hope it would never come back to such extend as in 2006). This time the symptoms are:
1. Low grade body temperature, at the beginning constantly below 36, now quite normal drops in the evenings to 35,2.
2. Night sweats
3. Weakness
4. Red eyes as before – kind of a red net.
5. Chills.
6. The same kind of vision as before
7. Brain fog
8. Cold hands and legs.
9. Don’t rest during sleep very tired
10. During the night – don’t feel my hands, some kind of numbness but not typical like it happens from time to time to everyone.
11. Persistent cough.
12. Anxiety.
13. Sinus congestion

Of course I am too weak to continue what I have started a year ago: jogging and the gym.

Recently I have found some articles about mysterious Chinese disease – and almost all of my symptoms fit to what the people describes!
The only problem is no one treats us seriously. It spreads not only in China but other continents as but the problem is ignored.

I don’t know what to do, whom to ask about any help.
I don’t know if you even could help somehow, I write just to put the world attention there is a serious problem the people struggling hardly with no any help from the medical and scientific world.

Kind Regards,

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