Hiv possible exposure
This is my story
Feb of 2015 in visited some friends of mine. Later that night my friend introduced me to some other friends and started talking and dancing with a girl. After the party we went home as in her and i, we started to kiss and she later went on to perform oral sex(unprotected) then we started to perform intercourse but i was not being myself that night so i doubt i got it in because i was not performing(protected). Later i tried once more but unprotected  but it didn't get it in either. The next morning in had an achy throat and it became a strep throat in 2 -3 days. I had night sweats,fever(102),lost of apatite  ,fatigue,and chills. The doctor gave me penicillin  and went away with the full treatment within 7 days. But when i mix the Internet and brain we come to some  conclusions and stuff so i went to check myself for hiv and was negative after 2.5 months after possible exposure. It's been 5 months now and i workout everyday maybe give my body one or two days rest, but sometimes feel tired, but there are time I don't sleep at night due to naps, sometimes i feel down and don't feel like doing anything but lye down, i have been constantly  going to the bathroom to perform #2  but time in time it comes outo solid while other times it's broken down. Ive  had no rash,no spots on my tounge,but I do have  from what it appears to be a swollen lympnode on my armpit,but when I flex it goes away, ive had a purplish spot inside my moth like a vein popped, night sweat I don't have, I only have them when  my ac turns off and I'm under my covers. Another thing is I never get sick, I'm cough time in time, have flem coming out but no fever, I will get tested again within the next week to make sure but with what I have said, is there a possibility of me being exposed?

sorry for the bad grammer, it was typed on a pad
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