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10 Year History of Hair Loss - Did stopping birth control that many yea...
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10 Year History of Hair Loss - Did stopping birth control that many years ago start this? Will restarting help?

I am 31 years old, a woman and have suffered from noticeable thinning of the hair for probably about ten years.  When I talked to my doctor, they tested me for lupus and thyroid issues...they tested me at least three times because I was so young.  Everything came back clear.  I was then told it must be natural female pattern baldness and I could try Rogaine if I wanted.  I tried it, it didn't seem to do anything.  I was then told I could continue Rogaine anyway in the hopes it was providing some unseen aid in preventing further loss or just accept my balding status and live with it.  Not being a fan of pointless endeavors, I chose to do the latter.

Easier said than done because it seems to get thinner and thinner all the time and  I really can't stand to look at myself in the mirror and I hate hate hate seeing myself in pictures and...

Well, I came across an internet article that said that birth control pills can cause hair loss.  Not an issue really because I stopped taking birth control probably about 10 years ago, sometime prior to my hair loss.  I was trying to lose weight and never liked taking pills anyway.  But then I read that STOPPING birth control can cause hair loss.  Most of the posts I've read here have been from women suffering from hair loss just a couple months after stopping birth control.  So I'm there any chance that my 10 year history of hair loss could have been precipitated by stopping my birth control so many years back?  If that was the case, shouldn't my body have regulated itself by now and shouldn't my hair have come back?  At least in part?

Would restarting birth control help?

Just as a history, prior to stopping bc about 10 years go, I'd been taking bc for 5-6 years.  Loestrin.  It was prescribed to me when I was a teenager to combat unusually heavy periods.  When I went off the Loestrin, to my shock and relief...I maintained normal periods.  But it was, in hindsight, shortly after that when the hair loss would have started.

Any thoughts?  Heck, any other ideas beyond just accepting it's genetics?  I am the only woman in my family to have this issue.  My mother is almost twice my age with a full head of hair.  My father and brother are balding but they are men.  My aunts, grandmothers, female cousins...all have great hair.  What's wrong with me?  What can I do?

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