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Cat Scan

I was hit on the head back on July 2 with a pvc pole and on july 24 i went in for  cat scan,the results showed nothing,but about a week after the cat scan i started having alot of dizziness,I do have very bad anxiety and stressed so over the hit............my question is are cat scans pretty acurate...or should I be worrried that it ddint show something/
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CAT scans are accurate, but like all technology, if pictures are taken at the wrong angel, lighting, etc, things may not show up.  I would recommend that you request an MRI - which has the same issues, but is better than a CAT scan.  

The dizziness and anxiety are definitely a sign that there could be more wrong. You may have a mild brain injury.  I'm no professional, but as a survivor of TBI, I know that symptoms can begin in this way.  Not to worry you.  It is likely that there may not be anything obvious that is damaged, but injury can happen to the brain on a microscopic level that can't be picked up with today's diagnostic imaging technology. I guess we're just not "there" yet with being able to pick up on the tiny things.  However, I would recommend that you seek out a neurologist and a neuropsychologist.  Talk to your family doctor.  

The dizziness may slowly settle down. You may find that you have balance issues though. Keep a journal. Monitor your symptoms every day and then have a look after a month of recording, and write down the things that happen most regularly.  For example, set up a series of questions to ask yourself at the end of each day (to make it easy) like:
-pain levels and where you are hurting
-any cognitive issues (such as concentration, attention, organization, learning etc)
-headaches - what kind, how severe (scale 1-10), where on your head is it hurting
-any weakness or numbness
-balance and dizziness issues - how bad, how frequent and when they seem to occur
-anxiety, depression, and stress - rate it 1-10, talk about the day - what happened and why you are feeling this way.

After a month, review and put your "results" together. Bring a copy to your doctor. This is actually very helpful.  It is likely that you don't have anything life-threatening wrong, but you still need to be vigilant and monitor your situation.  

Also, as far as you can remember, write down the actual incident. How hard you were hit, when, who helped you, what treatment you received and what you think you need to do about it.  If you keep track of all these things, you may be able to figure out what's going on.  I always recommend that you keep seeing your doctor on a regular basis and try to get into rehab if you can - such as physio, acupuncture, massage.  Dizziness can happen from whiplash injuries, concussions, TBI's, pressure in the brain etc.

So, try not to worry. That's the most important thing!  Keep your doctor involved.  Take time every day for "you" and spoil yourself a little. Make sure to have some quiet time to journal or to read a good book.  Try to keep stressors low and know that you needn't worry about anything life threatening, but rather you just have to be vigilant to find out where this dizziness is coming from.  You may also find that with reduced stress, your dizziness is not as bad.  

I hope you have a partner, a pet and a family to help you through this too. My husband and I have several pets, and since we are both disabled (we were hit by a drunk driver), our pets are a source of peace, entertainment and comfort to us.  Learning to deal with worry and stress is paramount.  Slow things down. Life goes on at a crazy pace these days, but you need to take time to care for YOU.

I wish you all the best Hazy!  You will be okay, I just know it!  
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