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Headache for almost 20 days;;scared.
So i got off the pill on the 7th,
I thought maybe that was the cause but im not sure now.
Anyways, my headache started that night and within the next 4 or 5 days it became a migrain.
My headaches are always on my left side and usually always in one of 2 spots.
Ive had this headache since the 7th.
Went to the er,
they just looked in my eyes and made me pull on there fingers and stuff and gave me morphine and sent me home.
My doctor said it was just migrains when i went in on the 14th.
She gave me a beta blocker.
My headache hasent gone away.
One of my pupils is bigger than the other at times and my left eye gets pressure behind in on and off.

Im really worried that i could have a brain tumor or something.
They dint see any swelling in my eyes but they dint do any exam to look at my brain.
I havent hit my head or anything.

I dont know what to do, im really worried.
I dont know if this could really be hormonal or what.

Anyone else have a migrain for this long?

uhg =((
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