Headaches and My Hair Hurts!!!!
by KBC123, Jul 13, 2008
Hello, For about a week now I have had a constant headache that is accompanied by my hair hurting...This is whenever I touch the top of my head. My eyes are begining to hurt also. I am a 35 year old man with shortish hair. It is begining to wear me out now. Can anybody advise please?
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by DrNoopurMD, Jul 14, 2008

Constant headache with pain behind the eyes raises the suspicion of sinusitis. Sinusitis occurs due to infection and inflammation of sinuses.

I would advise you take steam inhalation and OTC decongestants and see is they help.

If your symptoms do not improve in couple of days please schedule an appointment with a physician and undergo a complete clinical evaluation. Keep us posted.

by KBC123, Jul 17, 2008
Hi, As a precaution I have had an eye test, The examination shows refractive hyporopia, which I have been prescribed glasses. However, a fundus examination shows dilated and tortous vessels, swollen optic nerve heads and absent spontaneuos venous pulse.... The optician feels i need urgent neuro-opthalmoligical opinion to rule out papilloedema and/or any other underlying pathology.
by DrNoopurMD, Jul 19, 2008

How are you?

I would advise you to schedule an appointment with a neurologist as soon as possible. Your eye exam is showing papilledema   which is swelling of the optic disc and one of the most important cause is raised intracranial pressure which can occur as a result of brain tumor.
Do keep me posted. Take care!

by KBC123, Jul 30, 2008
Hi, Thank you for your valuable advise. I had an MRI scan and am now awiting the results this coming Friday. The pain is still constant and I am now becoming dizzy. I also feel like i am running a slight tempreture and the pain is now not isolated at the top of my head, it is also moving to the sides and forehead.
by DrNoopurMD, Jul 31, 2008

The presence of fever indicates an intracranial infection like encephalitis or meningitis. Both these conditions can cause raised intracranial pressure and papilledema.
The exact diagnosis can only be made after MRI and CSF examination. Do keep me posted!

by poodlegirl53, Feb 26, 2010
I had l eye ache off and now for 2 days.  then today my hair on the l hurts.  What is happening?