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Lack of Oxygen to brain due to opiate use
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Lack of Oxygen to brain due to opiate use


My mother has had a string of bad luck including a slipped disc in her back which she had a surgery that failed.  On top of that, she fell and broke her hip, as well as her wrist.  Needless to say, she had been on a LOT of pain killers including a morphine patch, Oxycodone, Neurontin (sp?), among others.

One day, my father found her in a deep sleep and could not wake her up.  She was snoring heavily, (which is normal for her) however he was unable to wake her.  He called the ambulance, and they thought it was perhaps a drug overdose and she inhaled some fluids (bile, vomit, etc.) into her lungs.  Her kidney numbers were not within range at this time, and she had a fever.

After the doctors sucked out the fluid from her lungs, her fever went down, and all vitals returned to normal.  She woke up approximately 24 hours after she fell asleep.

Since she has woken up, she has had a lot of confusion and communications issues.  When I first saw her which was 2 days after she woke up, she was repeating words which made no sense at all.  For example, she was saying Bananna, Bananna, Bananna.....  Since that point now we are 2 days later, and I am seeing a little improvement.  She can now communicate a bit more, and form full sentances.  Sometimes however she seems to not be able to find the right words. She will start saying something, and then not be able to finish saying the sentance.  I've seen similar situations with people who have had strokes.  

The doctors did do a CAT scan of her brain, and that came back as normal when she first entered the hospital, however we are now 4 days in, and they are saying it is possible that she still has opiates in her system.  This does not make sense to me, but again, I'm no doctor.  They are saying this because her pupils are still very small.

I'm worried about permanant brain damage.  Should I?  The nurses say every day that they are going to do a test to check out her brain waves, however it seems they never get around to it. Would this test alter her treatment depending on the results?  Does waiting this long for this type of test have any negative ramifications?  Is there a good chance that she will snap out of this?  

Any information you can provide will be accepted as very helpful.  I know its difficult to diagnose this over the Internet, but gut feelings will help me with this.  I feel that the hospital that she is in currently is not very good with communication to the family, and I'm just looking for some opinions.

Thanks for any help that you can provide.
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