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Marijuana after a brain injury?
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Marijuana after a brain injury?

Hello, I'm a 17 year old that suffered from an AVM hemorrhage May 21st last year, and since its coming up to my 1 year, which is somehow the magical number for the brain to be done healing, i was curious to know the effects of Marijuana after a brain injury other than the usual memory loss etc..  I must know since there are so many different studies on it, please give me your opinion.  
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I had a brain hemorrhage last year on Jan 28 (no AVM but perimesenthalic). The one year mark is older thinking. You will make most of your gains in the first year, but you will continue to heal past that point, especially since you are younger. That's what everyone tells me (although I'm oh dear god...30 years older than you...how is that possible? I can't  be that old...crap)

But I digress.

I am a young 47, no 48 doggone it! Very healthy ultra marathon runner (I ran 42 miles a few weeks ago--at one time, not over one week). So this was as big a surprise to me as I'm SURE it was to you. What 17 year old has a brain hemorrhage? What super healthy marathon runner and weight loss coach gets a brain hemorrhage? Well, we do. Unfortunately. Hopefully it won't happen again for either of us.

But back to your question, since longitudinal studies of marijuana use has been shown to reduce the ability of the the brain to develop cognitively and can result in neurological deficiency with use, it would not be a good idea to use it without a doctor's guidance. Your brain is still developing at your age, which is part of the issue. In addition, it's also still healing so you want to give it all of the chance you can give it to return to pre-brain explosion days.

A long term study done with teens is here: http://www.pnas.org/content/early/2012/08/22/1206820109.abstract

That is the abstract. While I am an adult and also a teacher (as well as a weight loss coach) and generally would say "Not a good idea, kid" to one of my students I only base my advice on actual studies. Plus, you're not one of my students. You are an adult who is seeking answers.

In all  honesty, I have ongoing chronic "someone just shoot" me headaches left over from my hemorrhage. I have considered trying marijuana medically for pain relief. The difference for me would be, my brain is through developing (I'm as dumb as I'm gonna get I guess), you aren't. HOWEVER, I still have been reading studies and I'm up in the air because mine is still healing too. So I'm not sure if that puts me where you are--brain is recovering from something, maybe not a good idea to use it. OR, if there is a safe amount that can be used for relief, but a point at which is becomes unsafe.

I live in Wa so it's legal here but it is a medication and so I don't want to use it until I'm sure about it. I want relief but not at the cost of recovery. Does that make sense?

If it does NOT make sense it could be because I'm typing this through a headache and it's hard to make cohesive arguments at that point.

So fellow head case, sorry that we have had to deal with this. My advice--ask a doctor, you still have lots of healing to do, and just keep asking questions. No one who hasn't had a hemorrhage "gets it" because it's such a "different" experience.

I'd be interested in when you decide.

I was just re reading this and i laughed how you said " it won't happen again" cause i actually had another hemorrhage april 2013 hahahh but I've decided to just wait and see where i get and decide where i feel the recovery is "manageable"
Thanks for the advice though! I'll have a chat with my doctor first!
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