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Sleep disorder as a symptom of Traumatic Brain Injury
Good day!
I found your address in the internet in search of sleeplessness as a symptom of traumatic brain injury.
I have scanned pictures of my MRI for the 2 different types of mediums used (i.e. paper-backed of 4 pages and film medium of 2 pages). This MRI was taken more than 4 years ago in St. Luke's in the Philippines.
Ever since my accident more than 9 years ago (where I was hit by a car causing the head trauma which left me comatose for 9 days I think), my sleep has been very erratic and now it only averages about 2-4 hours a night. I've encountered an abcnews video more than 4 years ago about a 3 year-old boy then who also had an average sleep of only 2 hours a night. He was then diagnosed with Arnold-Chiari Malformation where one of the symptoms could be sleeplessness, and this diagnosis was made possible via MRI of the brain stem. So the MRI of my brain stem would be shown in the 3rd slide of the paper-backed file as attached, as I was wondering if I also suffer from this. Although in the boy's case, it's genetic, I've however read this could be triggered by external factors, in my case the accident.
I feel however, that my sleeplessness is more of a symptom of my neurological muscle disorder (Myoclonus was the diagnosis then although the symptoms do not appear to match mine) arising from my accident.
I would also wonder if damage to my auditory nerves can be seen in the MRI.
I'm aware though that doctors would be very busy.  But since there’s an available forum here, then I took the chance.

Thanks and have a good day!
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