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head Injury in an Accident
3 months ago my father was traveling in a cab. suddenly they have to face an accident on the road. in that accident his head injured and after a vail approximatly 6 days later he has to feel the pain & the shocks of brain. we brought him toward a  neuro doctor. he suggest for city scan and MRI after that two scans he told us that there is a small clot of blod on the mid of the brain under the skin. so that, he started the treatment and said us with caustion that this is not sure treatment. if you will not  getting better then we have to perform the brain operation.

the condition is here mentioned.
any time in a day or night or at working place all the body of my father is thrilling and their is a darkness before his eyes and the tong start to break the talking and the accout pain he has to feel from the back side of the neck and the head. suddenely after some minuts he get better. but the weakness is very strong in his body.

this time i am treating him the following treatments
Apival Tab. 250 Mg (BD)
Ciprolex Tab (Half OD)
Methicobal Tab 500ug (OD)
benzaile Penciline 1000000 units after two day (One Injection)

i want to ask the better treatment for that my papa take that medicine and get relief quickly.

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