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post head trauma injury concussion
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post head trauma injury concussion

Thank you for responding to my question with the new development of double blurred vision
It has happened again 3 days later & this time lasted for approximately 5 hours.
I had my optometrist check it out & optic nerves etc. look good.
She referred me to an ophthalmologist...the appointment is weeks away.
I am still experiencing head pain, ears ringing, some occasional jaw pain, trouble sleeping and days when I just don't feel well.. ...going on one month now.  
Also forgot to mention my left nostril seems either dry,burn  & sometimes at night plugged for a bit.
I have not been able to lay on my left side because of head pain/pressure.
I had previously had a Ct scan a couple of weeks ago that showed no bleeding or abnormality.
I had to see a new Dr this week for this work related injury & because of the CT scan results, he said that I did not have a concussion & i should to start to ignore the headaches & get on with my life.
Would an MRI show more.
The pain moves around from my temporal area to top of my skull, sometimes on the left middle or right with pain around left brow bone...forehead to nose.
Why does it move around?
The pain sometimes feels to have a burning sensation.
It is very painful and I do not take pain medication.
The blow to my head was on the left frontal lobe to temporal region.
I am going to see my family doctor next week.
I would appreciate your opinion.
Thank you again!!
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The symptoms of jaw pain, headache, blurred and double vision, sensitivity or burning sensation and ringing in the ear can be due to temporal arteritis. The other possibility is brain injury due to the blow in this area. This is diagnosed by high ESR, high C-reactive protein, MRI and biopsy of the inflamed artery. Oral corticosteroids are usually prescribed as the first line of treatment. Do discuss this with your doctor and get this investigated. Take care!

The medical advice given should not be considered a substitute for medical care provided by a doctor who can examine you. The advice may not be completely correct for you as the doctor cannot examine you and does not know your complete medical history. Hence this reply to your post should only be considered as a guiding line and you must consult your doctor at the earliest for your medical problem.
Thank you! your assistance is appreciated!
Going into the seventh week post injury.
I had an MRI last Thursday and felt very lightheaded & nauseous afterwards and very emotional. The nausea lasting for hours.
The next day the pain in my head was much worse. I had considered going back to emergency. I took Advil, which did nothing. I had another bout of double vision ..Ice pack helped..went to sleep from exhaustion. I looked like a different person and when I talk it is noticed that my jaw swings to one side.
I am still experiencing disturbed sleep,head ache/pain, ears ringing, left sinus plugs at night and burns during the day and occasional nausea.The MRI and CT scan both show nothing. I find this strange and a bit frustrating. This leaves an open arena for misdiagnosis. Aren't there any tests that show clinical proof of injury in this day and age of advanced technology? Is it possible for a radilogist to miss something?
The case worker suggested that because I stopped taking Elavil which was weeks ago that perhaps that was the cause of my head pain. I stopped taking it because it was not helping me to sleep..The pain in my head was there before, during and after taking the drug. I thinks that diagnosis is completely irrelevant. I feel a bit unsure of the medical evaluations that have been done. I am going to begin physiotherapy for the other injuries my body sustained. chiropractic did help with neck,spine, hips..
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